Don’t Pick This “Weed” If It’s Growing In Your Yard – Here’s Why…

Have you ever seen this “weed” in your yard?

Those of you who have gardens of any sort have certainly had to deal with annoying weeds.

But there is one particular weed-looking plant which you shouldn’t rip off, and that is purslane.

Why? Read on to find out.

More Good Than Harm

You see, dear readers, it turns out that purslane has some useful health benefits up its sleeve.

So why pull it out and simply throw it away when you can take advantage of those benefits which are growing in your yard instead of having to look for the same ones in pharmacies.

Believe it or not, purslane is bursting with both minerals and vitamins, which, naturally, are great at bursting your overall health and well-being.

It even supports the health of your bones due to the fact that it’s rich in large amounts of calcium and iron.

Another fun and useful fact to know about purslane is that it can survive for a very long time: up to 25 years, in fact!

This is thanks to its seeds, which are fairly strong. Imagine the wonders it can do for your immune system.

Would you be surprised to know that this ‘weed’ contains higher amounts of vitamin A than any leafy green vegetables (which are bursting with health themselves and yet fall into second place behind purslane)?

That means it has the ability to prevent cancer.

Also, because of its high content of omega-3 fatty acids, it can also potentially prevent stroke and heart diseases.

To top it all off, it’s GMO-free, of course.

So, instead of using a weed killer on it, maybe you should consider including it into your daily diet, hm? Its leaves have this specific crunchy feel and lemony taste.

So, you can try using it as a replacement for spinach. Though there’s no reason to give up on either one, simply interchange them from time to time for a more varied diet!

You can add it to many recipes (salads and sandwiches for example), and enjoy its high protein content which is sure to boost your energy levels.

Furthermore, purslane naturally reduces the risk of developmental disorders in kids, such as ADHD and autism.

Pretty amazing right?

 So, next time you see this weed growing near your home, rejoice instead of getting frustrated.

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