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Alkaline Eating: Tips And Tricks To Lose Weight, Fight Inflammation And Prevent Cancer!

It is possible that you have noticed that the overconsumption of coffee and sweets can make you feel sick, fat and tired.

Although sugar and caffeine have a certain role in this condition, it may not be for precisely the same reasons that you think.

In fact, these foods are very acidic and inflammatory, meaning that they can have an impact on the natural acid-base balance of your body. For this reason, you need alkaline.

What Does The Acid-Alkaline Balance Mean?

Alkaline and acid represent the two ends of the pH scale, thus 0 representing the most acidic, 7 representing the neutral and 14 representing the most alkaline. Even though different body systems thrive at different points on this scale, it is thought that having a moderately alkaline blood can support a healthier environment for the life-sustaining bacteria and enzymes.

The acid-base balance is of indispensable importance for the body processes to work effectively. This balance is mainly kept by your kidneys and lungs.

Respiratory acidosis happens when the blood includes big amounts of CO2 as a result of improper functioning of the lungs, and the metabolic acidosis occurs when the kidneys are not capable of producing the sufficient quantity of uric acid for preserving the balance. The intake of acidic foods can trigger a disruption of these natural processes.

Acidosis can stimulate health problems, like for instance multiple sclerosis, cholesterol, arrhythmia, immunodeficiency disorders, joint pains, chronic diseases, diabetes, lethargy, heart disease and many others.

Over-acidity can also increase the threat of development of cancer, liver issues, osteoporosis, heart illness and ketoacidosis.

How Does Your Body Fight Acidosis?

In case your body is over-acidic and you are not eating properly, it will begin leaching minerals, like for instance potassium, salt, calcium and magnesium from the bones so that it neutralizes your blood acidity. This can trigger some serious medical problems, like for instance osteoporosis.

In case there are not enough minerals in your body, acidic toxins are accumulated in your fat cells.
The two of the above stated methods can damage your general health, so it is extremely important to introduce some proper lifestyle changes and thus prevent acidosis.

The Cancer Question

It is possible that you have heard that many patients diagnosed with cancer claim that following an alkaline diet has helped them reverse their disease.

Although it may sound odd, experts have found that the intake of bigger amounts of alkaline foods can actually benefit your overall health.

In fact, in 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery that 90 – 95 percent of carcinogenic cells are unable to thrive when the body becomes more alkaline. He explained that having a blood pH of 7.36 rather than the previous perfect one of 7 is enough for the prevention of the development and spreading of this disease.

And he was definitely right as modern medicine verifies that carcinogenic cells tend to die off in alkaline environments. These days, many of the patients diagnosed with cancer are actually suggested to follow a diet regimen that incorporates 80 percent of alkaline foods and 20 percent of acidic foods to boost a complete healing.

Five Manners To Reverse Acidosis (Tips On Alkaline Consumption)

The five simple changes given below will considerably improve your health condition and reverse your illnesses.

#1. Introduce Some Changes In Your Routine

The proper manner to change your lifestyle is by changing your routine.
Start your day by consuming lemon water so that you make your blood more alkaline, detoxify your liver, as well as improve your digestion.

In addition, make certain that you find time to prepare some homemade meals that are filled with alkaline and anti-inflammatory foods. Your kidneys can be helped in the elimination of the excessive amounts of acid, you need to drink a lot of water and get nutrients in order to cleanse your system.

#2. Get A Blender

Healthy smoothies are an incredible method of including larger amounts of alkaline greens and bettering the intake of nutrients and anti-oxidants. In addition, contrary to juice, healthy smoothies are abundant in gut-friendly soluble and insoluble and fiber.

If you want to get the optimum outcomes, make certain that you purchase a good-quality and high-power blender that will be able to process the crunchiest and chewiest foods and make at least one green smoothie a day.

#3. Get Rid Of The Bad Stuff

The consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, lack of physical activity and the intake of processed foods all represent pro-acidic habits.

Besides stimulating the inflammation in your body, these habits can also put you at a greater risk of development of cancer or other severe medical conditions.

#4. Ease Into It

The best option for introducing a long-term change in your lifestyle and health is by taking little steps that will aid you build a sustainable health regimen.

Instead of making attempts to change everything at once, you need to deal with one habit at a time and slowly incorporate new foods into your diet.

#5. Find Some Time To Relax

We all know that chronic stress can trigger chronic diseases. From a chemical viewpoint, cortisol, or also known as the stress hormone, can definitely make your blood more acidic.

It is likewise extremely important that you get a proper amount of sleep so that you make sure that your body is going to detoxify itself.

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