This Is What The Moles On Your Face Mean!

The first thing to do is to look the moles on your face and then see the diagram in order to identify the number(s) which are a closest match to the moles you have found on your face.

Usually, the moles mean something if they are notable and if they are the only one. If you have a lot of spots, acne or “little” moles on your face, they do not count. After you see which position is best corresponding to the mole you have on your face, search for its meanings in the numbers below.

Position 1 to 3

As a child, you have the characteristics of rebellion and your spirit is free. Your creativity is at highest level however you are working best when you are given a free hand. You are experimental and you respect the culture, society and art and usually your superiors like that. Having the mole on this position means that you do not like to work for other people and that you are better for having your own business and being your own boss. The promising thing is that you will be lucky enough to do that.

Position 4

You have the characteristics of a spontaneous person, having extravagance which is giving you charisma and an amazing character, however when there are a lot of options you known to be a little difficult. You also know to be argumentative, but not too far to be disapproval. This mole is giving you explosive temper and if you decide to get it removed, you will be more calm and peaceful.

Position 5

If you have a mole above the eyebrow that means that there is wealth luck in your life,  however you will have to work harder that te rest of the people in order to earn it. However, you should keep all of the earing carefully because there are jealous people who may want to take part in your wealth. That is why you should pay attention and not get involved with people who like to include you in get-rich-quick schemes. If you have a mole on this place, it is advised not to trust a lot in other people and don’t allow anybody to help you in the managing of finances.

Position 6

You have the characteristics of being intelligent, creative and skillful as an artist, and with this you can get wealth, success and popularity. This also means having wealth luck; however, you can accomplish this by following your heart and not the conventional way of making a living. Be brave and you will have a success!

Position 7

If you have moles under the eyebrows that means that you will have arguments within the extended family which will make you miserable and sad.  This will also have an impact on your work and livelihood. That is why you should solve this problem in order to have a peace of mind to continue with your life.

Position 8

This is not very good position for a mole. It means that your financial position will be always under pressure and that you may also be keen for gambling. However, you should know when to stop. Also, people having this mole are able to flirt with individuals of the opposite sex however with the same sex, so you should be careful with who you are flirting.

Position 9

This position is unfortunate for a more and it means having sexual and other problems as well. That is why you should get it removed because it is bringing a lot of problems.

Position 10

Having a mole under the nose means that you have an excellent descendants luck. You are near your family all of the time and also you will get to have many children and grandchildren. You will be supported all the time from your closest and you will be fulfilled mentally and materially.

Position 11

These moles means that you will have a tendency to having illness. That is why it is best to remove it especially if it is a large and it has a dark color.

Position 12

This mole means that you will be successful but you will also lead a balanced life. It is likely that you will be rich and also well-known. However, although you will be very rich and can you’re your live like you want, your home will be satisfying home and you will lead a family life as well. Women that have these moles are also considered to be lucky, beautiful and glamourous as well.

Position 13

You will have a problem with your children because you will not have a good relationship with them. However, you cannot do anything about this except to learn how to be tolerant.

Position 14

This mole means that you are vulnerable to food which can represent a big problem. You may be experiencing some allergies to specific foods or you may be eating too much.

Position 15

This mole means that you are always on the move and that you are always renovating and redesigning your home. You want to see new things and new places. Staying in one place is not a thing that makes you happy. You are a traveler and you want to go in adventures.

Position 16

You should pay attention on your eating, and your sex life because these are your 2 most significant problems. You tare keen on having problems with your weight which may lead to depression. You also want love, and that can happen sometimes with more than one person, however then you will feel guilt and stressed about that.

Position 17

You have an excellent social skills. You are also excellent at making conversations however be careful not to become bigheaded about your success, because that can result with the loss of your reputation. This will have a negative effect on you because your self-confidence and self-worth are coming from the other people opinion of you.

Position 18

This means that you are a person that is always on the move. You will have a chance to travel overseas, however be careful because the mole wants you to stay at home.

Position 19

This mole is excellent because you will have money luck and also many friends. However you will be weak on the charm of the opposite sex. That is why you should be careful not to get in any troubles.

Position 20

This more is either really lucky or very unlucky. This means that  you will get extreme fame or you will be infamy. You are also very smart with great imagination however this can be used for making good and bad things as well. You don’t want people to trick you and you are not a person that forgives or forgets easy. This mole represents a person who will go down in history being great or being a tyrant.

Position 21

This mole means that you will enjoy your life with a lot of drinking and eating. You may also become popular and acknowledged.

Position 22

This means that you will have a happy life and that things will go smooth for you. If you have a sports passion you may become very successful at it. These kinds of moles also mean that you will have authority and power, so you will do well at the job of a CEO.

Position 23

You are very smart and clever and have a high IQ. You will lead a long and significant life because your skills for survival are well developed. You are an active person even at older age, who will get to be surrounded by the closest people until the end.

Position 24

You will be popular and have a fortune from your young age. However it is best to secure that because people with these moles are known to have a harder life when they will get older.

Position 25

You will experience prosperity and recognition luck, however be careful not to be too much. It is best to be moderate and you will enjoy a fruitful and long life.


The reading of moles from the face represents one old practice. Its roots are coming from the 17th century. It is considered that our body knows who we are and if we learn how to read that, we will know ourselves and others far better than we do now.

People in the past used to think that the moles were a signature of the planets at birth. This is easy to believe due to the influence on specific worlds on our earth. For example, it is known that the moon has an impact on the tides. So, that means that it is also possible that the planets can impact our lives.

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