An Old Recipe For Sharp Sighted Eyes And Rejuvenating

If you have problems with your eyes, we offer you a very effective mixture to improve your sight. By using it might get rid of glasses or at least lower the diopter, as is said by people that have used it.

Except for great sight, it is said that this recipe is also very good for rejuvenating.

This is an easy, cheap and quite easy recipe that can be made at home because the ingredients are completely natural. If you use it long enough, you will lower the ageing.

Studies have shown that there are many cases of sight improvement and lowering of diopter from -4 to -2. The second improvement is found on the skin all over the body. The skin becomes softer, nourished and silky.

The third positive effect is that if you have problems with hair loss, you can put an end to it and add a real gloss on your hair.

The ingredients necessary for this recipe are:

  • 200 g of flax seed oil
  • 4 lemons
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 kg honey

Boil two whole lemons and two skimmed, then add the garlic (the garlic should be milled).

Add the honey and the flax seed oil, mix it well and put the mixture in jars. You should keep the jars in cold and dark place – in the fridge is best. Take one tablespoon of the mixture before the meal.

It is best if you mix it regularly with a wooden or plastic spoon – not metal. After you finish this dose, you can make a new one and continue to sharpen your sight and rejuvenate your organism.

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