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The Japanese apple is a great source of health. Here’s why…

The Japanese apple is a sweet autumn – winter fruit. Its color can be yellow, orange or red.

The Japanese apple is a great source of health. Here’s why:

Tumor prevention

The Japanese apple is full of antioxidants like vitamins A, K and C. The antioxidants protect our organism from the consequences of oxidative stress, which can help you strengthen the immunity and protect you from illnesses.

The consequences of the oxidative stress are often connected to chronic diseases, like heart pain and different kinds of tumor.


The Japanese apple is full of diet fibers that have great influence on the good digestion. The diet fibers stimulate the digestion and help in problems like obstipation and improve the work of the intestines, which results in getting rid of the toxins of the organism.

Good sight

This tasty fruit, besides the vitamins, is a great source of zaexantines. These antioxidants, often called vitamins for the eyes, protect our eyes from diseases that characteristic for the elderly people, like cataract and macular degeneration, lowering the effects from the oxidative stress.

Healthy heart

A recently made study showed that the Japanese apple contains high levels of diet fibers, minerals and phenols that play a great role in the fight against atherosclerosis (the main reason for heart diseases).

The scientists claim that the high concentration of diet fibers, phenols and minerals make the Japanese apple necessary in the antiaterisclerosis diets.

Good immunity

One fruit of the Japanese apple contains 12,6 mg of vitamin C. which is 21% of the daily recommended dose of this vitamin. According to this, this fruit strengthens our immune system and protects our organism from the free radicals.

Weight loss

The Japanese apples are a great source of diet fibers. They contain 6 grams of fibers in one fruit(24% of the daily recommended dose).

The diet fibers are the key to weight loss because they improve our metabolism and lower our appetite.

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