8 Secrets All Women Should Keep From Men!

A woman might give you her body and her heart, but there are some things that a woman is always going to keep from the man with whom she is in a relationship.

They have the habit of keeping these secrets for a good reason, primarily for sparing your feelings or because they are too afraid to admit what is actually on their minds. Take a look at eight of the most commonly kept secrets by women from the men in their lives.

No. 1. They often think of having s*x (with you!)

Women like having s* x much more than we were made to believe. In certain cases, they are simply too shy to be able to share their most graphic fantasies and erotic thoughts with you.

No. 2. They have the habit of checking up on their exes

Women have the habit of checking in on what their exes are doing on a regular basis via social networks. As long as we there is technology, they are never going to be completely out of our minds or lives. This is not supposed to mean they still are still in love with them, it just means that they are just curious and hope that they rot in a forever loneliness.

No. 3. Their feelings about your family

Even if it happens that a woman doesn’t like the family of her partner, she is never going to be able to say that as she doesn’t want to risk their relationship and she likewise doesn’t wish to hurt the feelings of her partner. Many women are just going to avoid spending time in their presence whenever possible.

No. 4. They keep reminders from their past relationships

The majority of women aren’t still suffering over that jackass who cheated on them… but they still save the first love letter they received when they were 16 in order to remember their younger days.

No. 5. They make up excuses from time to time in order to avoid having s*x

Women are often looking for new ways to delicately avoid having to engage in intercourse. You should not allow that to hurt your ego. Yes, it is true that they love you and want to do it with you, but not every time you are prepared to do it.

No. 6. They fake their orgasms occasionally

Yes, it is quite true that women fake orgasms, and have been doing that for quite a long period of time now! Women always searching for ways to please their men, and faking an orgasm can make him smile, as well as boost their ego simultaneously.

No. 7. They are likewise nervous when it comes to commitment

Commitment-phobia is something that is regarded as more often found in men, but the majority of women are likewise scared of committing their lives to another person in a committed relationship.

No. 8. They don’t like to know about the relationships you have had in the past

The last thing women want to listen to are intimate details about your ex-girlfriends.

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