Here’s How To Naturally Treat Rhinitis, Sinusitis And Respiratory Allergies!

Sinus pains represent an irritating issue. Sinusitis can make it hard for you to breathe and can likewise be quite agonizing during winter.

Painkillers almost never help, and the chemical substances contained in them can even aggravate the problem.

Nonetheless, you need to be aware of the fact that an all-natural solution exists that can aid treat the problem without triggering side-effects.

This treatment has been used for treating nasal congestion and sinusitis by the Indians for hundreds of years. It has the ability to reduce the mucus amount in your lungs and sinuses, relieve headaches, better your breathing and lower snoring.

In order to do this treatment, you are going to need a nasal cleaner that can easily be found in many pharmacies or online. The process itself is quite simple.


  • Start by heating up 500 ml. of water or mineral water till it becomes lukewarm.
  • You are also going to need one teaspoon of sea salt.
  • Fill the nasal cleaner with the warm water first, and afterwards add the salt. Stir them well.
  • Put the nozzle gently into one of your nostrils, and after that tilt your head to the side. Open your mouth and breathe through it gradually.
  • Tilt the cleaner in order for the water to start flowing in the nostril and come out of the other side.
  • You should use the entire amount of water, and when getting the nozzle out, blow your nostrils slowly.
  • Do the same with the other nostril.
  • In the end, blow your nose vigorously a few times, but make certain that it is one nostril at a time.

If you want to prevent mistakes from happening, in case you are performing the process in the restroom, you should not look at the mirror. You should not tilt your head from side to side or the water may drain to your throat. This is not a serious issue, but can be quite unpleasant. You should not open your mouth wide open when breathing, simply leave it a little bit open and relax. Blow the nostrils without capping them as this is going to prevent excessive pressure on the eardrums.

In case you are dealing with hypertension, the salt should be replaced with Himalayan sea salt. Prior to using this treatment, we recommend talking to a physician first.

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