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If You Want To Quit Smoking: This Plant Eliminates The Urge To Smoke Instantly!

Human beings can have different vices, the problem begins when we feel the need to continue having them even when we know they are not good for us. Dependence causes severe damage to our nervous system and therefore, throughout our body.

A clear example of this is the addiction to the cigarette , which originates thanks to the large amounts of nicotine that comprises its composition. Fortunately there will always be natural remedies that cure several diagnoses, including dependence on the cigarette and this medicinal plant will make you stop smoking .

We talk about stevia , a powerful medicinal plant capable of curing several diseases depending on the recipe that is made. You probably know stevia as a natural sweetener that can replace sugar and regulate blood glucose , but its qualities do not end there, because it also acts in the body to eradicate any dependency syndrome . Prepare this recipe and rest assured that you will have control of your life again and say goodbye to abstinence.

Recipe to quit smoking

You will need to:

  • A handful of stevia leaves
  • A cup of water


Take a pot and pour the water in it to proceed to boil it. When it reaches its boiling point, you can add the stevia leaves and let them boil for a few minutes , so that the properties of the plant come off and unify with the liquid, giving it power and creating the remedy against addiction . After this period, remove the casserole from the fire, strain its contents into a small container and store it in a cool place . It is not necessary to refrigerate, just keep it close by when you are going to carry out the treatment.

Once at this point, you should know that you only need a few drops of the remedy and pour them into your tongue only when you feel the need to smoke , you will notice that soon that desire will be dissipated and you will return to normal, as if you had not felt anything . If you want better results, you can place 3 drops of the medicine before and after each meal , so you can avoid the feeling of despair from smoking.

Other methods to quit smoking

You can also take several stevia leaves and keep them under your power and when you feel like smoking, put one in your mouth and start chewing . Its taste and the feeling that you are eating distract your mind and move away from nicotine dependence . Another viable option is to consume liquid stevia, but you must ensure that it is natural and that you do not have mixtures with any type of chemical.

Medicinal properties of stevia

In addition to eradicating dependence on certain psychotropic substances, it is also endowed with antibiotic, antifungal, immunostimulant properties, combat constipation, fatigue, cardiovascular diseases and gives you a lot of energy.

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