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8 Exercises That Are Effective for Women Over 40

This process is known as sarcopenia and in addition to affecting the appearance of the body, it also causes a weakening in it and decreases mobility and also strength.

This exercise routine will keep you in shape for Women Over 40. Do you want to know more? Stay until the end. Eight exercises that will make you see very well if you already have forty

Exercises for strengthening the back:

Hunting dog exercise: Lean on your hands and knees and with your back straight stretch your right arm and left leg at the same time so that you form a straight line.

Hold the position for at least five seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise now with the other arm and leg also for another five seconds.

Exercise of the raised elbows: While lying face down, place the hands behind the nape of the neck, raise the chin and tense both shoulder blades while raising the elbows backwards.

Exercise to eliminate sagging arms:

Bicep movement: Take two dumbbells or two bottles of water and flex both arms bringing the weight towards the chest, then lower it and the next flexion do it sideways.

Runner Arms: Place one leg in front to keep you steady, while holding the dumbbells and moving your arms as if you were running. Then alter the leg.

Exercises for the abdominals:

Alternating plate : Lean on the toes and forearms and try to hold this position for ten seconds, then lean on the palms of your hands and regress.

Go up and down the legs: Lie on your back, then lift one leg and the torso at the same time and try to touch the tip of the foot with your hands. Do it now with the other leg.

Exercise for strengthening the hips:

Knee flexion: Place one leg forward and one back, bend the knees to the point where one almost touches the ground; Go up and down and then change your leg.

Leg Raising: On the back and with the knees bent, raise the hip as much as possible; while you leave the shoulder blades and feet stuck to the ground.

Then go gently lifting one leg and try to bring it to the chest. Proceed to change the leg and repeat.

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