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Doctor Taught Recipe With These Ingredients To Reduce Age Stains

It is normal that sometimes the skin has spots, especially during excessive exposure to the sun, aging, pregnancy, genetic inheritance. The spots can get bigger and also darken over time. The spots on the skin are usually brown, dark brown or black, and appear in the areas most exposed to the sun.

The spots on the face, whether caused by the sun or by age stains, affect the appearance of the facial skin, modifying its tone and natural beauty. We all want to show off a stain-free porcelain skin, and you can achieve it with these 2 simple homemade ingredients, follow this advice that this doctor shares with us to remove skin blemishes.

Doctor taught recipe with 2 ingredients to reduce age spots.

Sometimes with exposure to the sun our face and skin are full of spots and we do not pay attention until it is too late, today I invite you to eliminate and prevent these spots.

The ingredients are very simple to get, maybe you even have it inside your own house, go to the kitchen and look for the following:


  • Onion a medium
  • apple cider vinegar: The amount needed to make a consistent mixture.


Crush the raw onion in the blender, so you will get onion puree, and then you will be adding apple vinegar as a thread , blend until you get a homogeneous mixture as if it were a body lotion.

These two ingredients will act in a very effective way on the spots of your skin, that’s why I recommend you to be extremely careful and apply the treatment with your eyes closed.

How to use it:

  1. Use this lotion in the affected areas, you must also let this act for thirty minutes.
  2. After wash the areas where you applied this lotion with plenty of fresh water , to finish dry with a soft towel by tapping.

This mixture lasts up to twenty days in the fridge after that you should throw it out, make sure to store it in a container with a lid.

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