Relax Your Tight Hips With These 8 Amazing Stretches!

Tightening the hips is something everyone likes to try. People who usually want this are dancer, desk-bound bloggers, cyclists and runners. In this article, we’re going to present you 8 stretches that are going to open your hips, decrease the discomfort, prevent any injury and increase your flexibility. You can use them with any workout plan!

Happy Baby

This exercise is also good for your back!

  • Lie on your back flat. The knees should be bent. Use your hands to hold the outside edges of the flexed feet. Put your arms outside your legs.
  • Now, you should press your both knees towards the floor with the strength of your upper body. It should be below the armpits. You shouldn’t touch your chest or shoulders. The whole body should be relaxed.
  • Stay like this for 5 deep breaths.

Extended Wide Squat

This exercise will also improve your lower back.

  • Make sure the feet are a little bit wider than the hips. The hips should be lowered to the ground. Bend your knees at the same time. Touch the ground with the heels.
  • Close the palms together at the center of your heart. Your elbows should be pressed firmly to the inside of the knees.
  • Breathe deeply for 5 times. Release your hands towards the floor, but not close to your feet. Your lower back and hips would be stretched. Breathe deeply for 5 more times.

Open Lizard

This is an exercise for your outer hips and hip flexors.

  • Begin by being in a lunge position. The right knee should be forward. Put the hands on the ground and then use your left knee to lower it on the floor.
  • Lower the right knee slowly. Try to rest on the outer side of the right flexed foot. Increase the stretch  and press your chest forward. Your arms should be straight.
  • Take 5 deep breaths. Repeat the same thing on your other side.

Wide-Legged Split

This is an exercise for your hamstrings, inner thighs and hips.

  • Do a Wide Squat. The feet should be apart and the hands should be on the floor. Make sure the heels are wider than the toes. Keep the soles on the ground flat during the whole workout.
  • Use your forearms to decrease the hips support. Next, do this with your shoulders. Keep the head to the side and the cheeks to the ground.
  • Breathe deeply for 5 times. Close the feet together.


Stretch both of your hips using this exercise.

  • Sit on the ground. Make sure the knees are bent. Your feet should be close together. Open them with the hands. Your knees should be pressed on the floor.
  • The spine should be lengthened. The belly button should be drawn inward. Relax your shoulders. Breathe deeply for 5 times. Bend forward very slowly. The torso should be bent towards the legs.
  • Use the arms to press the knees. The hands should be on the feet. Breathe deeply for 5 times.

Head to Knee

This is a stretch that all runners like. It is good for your back, hamstrings and hips.

  • Sit on the ground. Put the legs in front of your body. Take one sole and pull it against the left inner thigh, but bend your right knee.
  • Reach towards the left foot using both of your hands. The torso should be positioned on the top of the left thigh. Make sure the back is straight!
  • Breathe deeply for 5 times. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.


It’s one of the most effective poses used for hip opening and a pat of the basic yoga poses.

  • Sit while the left leg is extended behind you. The right knee should be bent. Use the right heel and pull it  towards your left hip. Make sure the left hip always points on the mat!
  • Make sure the hands are put on your hips or the right thigh. The torso should rest to the right knee. Breathe deeply for 5 times.
  • This pose should also be repeated with the other bent knee.

Double Pigeon

Your deep glutes will be stretched with this effective exercise!

  • Sit on the floor, but keep the legs crossed and bent in front of you. It should resemble a triangle.
  • Use the top knee to point towards the ceiling high. Breathe deeply.
  • Put the hands in front of the shins. Try to walk them out far. It will make the stretching more intense.
  • Breathe deeply for 5 times. After that, release slowly. Use the same procedure on the other leg.

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