What not to do after eating: top 5 rules

We all know that our bodies are very complex organisms and no system can work without the help of other, the very same goes for the digestion. Mostly, if we think about the healthy way of living we take into consideration what we eat when we eat it and maybe how much we eat it, but there is something else.

The thing is that what you do after you also eat matters maybe even more than what you do eat. Truth be told there are even five taboos as to what you should in no case do after you have had a meal. That is why we have concluded that it may be useful to share this information with you too.

#1 Going for a walk

Many people think that it is nice to be active right after you have a meal while the truth is pretty different. The thing is that even a short walk can lead to indigestion that is why it is best to start any activity only half an hour past meal.

#2 Tea

We all like to have a nice cup of tea for the dessert, but that is where you are doing yourself more harm than good. The thing is that tea has acids which influence the digestion not in the best way that is why it is best to drink tea only an hour or an hour and a half after you eat.

#3 Fruits

It seems that there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a tasty fruit right after you have your meal, but you shouldn’t. Once the fruits are mixed up with everything else in your stomach they start to brew and gasses and bloating are the outcome.

#4 Smoking

Many of us share this nasty habit, and we treat ourselves to a sig right after the meal and you once again – shouldn’t. The thing is that after the meal all the poison from the cigarette gets absorbed by your body ten times faster than usual.

#5 Taking a bath

You shouldn’t take a bath at least within an hour after the meal.

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