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If You Want To Live Without Cholesterol and Have No Cardiovascular Problems, Just Eat a Handful Of This

In general, we associate walnut consumption with the improvement of the mental performance of people or the care of cardiovascular health. However, nuts also benefit the stomach . Here we reveal more about it.

These hard shell nuts are rich in high quality protein, antioxidants, carbohydrates, omega-3, vitamin E and multiple minerals . Its regular consumption helps optimize intestinal transit, since they contain fiber.

Benefits of eating nuts for the stomach

Several investigations have uncovered the benefits of this food, for cardiovascular problems. In fact, experts recommend consuming a handful of nuts daily.

Why? because it has been shown that the nut has the highest amount of polyphenol antioxidants than any other nut.

The omega-3 present in the nuts is very good for the organism. This compound favors health in several aspects. Helps optimize blood circulation, increases serotonin levels and promotes satiety. This means that we do not need to eat so much, to be satisfied.

In addition to the contributions in omega-3, a study reveals that this food helps burn fat, especially in the abdominal area. Therefore, nuts are ideal when it is included in dietary plans. However, it is recommended to eat them in moderation. The consumption of nuts can be as versatile as you want. While some enjoy a handful of nuts in nature, others prefer to prepare smoothies with fruits or vegetables. They can also be enjoyed in numerous protein-rich dishes. An example of this is chicken with nuts.

Facts about nut consumption

Eating nuts stimulates concentration, mental performance and creativity. Therefore, the consumption of nuts during childhood is excellent.
Also, the consumption of nuts between meals is recommended to those people who have working days of more than 6 hours. Your daily intake increases serotonin levels. This hormone is related to happiness and pleasure . People who suffer from depression lack serotonin levels in their brain. Therefore, the consumption of nuts helps fight depression.

The consumption of nuts increases the feeling of fullness. This causes people to eat fewer servings of food. In this way, it will be favoring the burning of calories.

The omega-3 present in the nut stimulates blood circulation. Therefore, this compound is capable of preventing cardiovascular diseases.

In the aesthetic aspect, the consumption of nuts is very favorable to prevent the appearance of varicose or venous dilatations (which usually appear in the legs).

It is advisable to eat nuts for diabetics. This is because such food regulates blood sugar levels . According to experts, walnuts contain anticancer properties . Therefore, its consumption would help prevent and combat breast and prostate cancer.

Nuts also promote male fertility . It is a highly recommended food to cope with these types of problems.

The inclusion of walnut in the diet

For people who want to lose weight, nuts are ideal if they are included in the diet in moderation. On the other hand, those who wish to maintain a healthy weight may also include nuts in their snacks.

It is not necessary to eat a whole bag of nuts daily. It will be enough to consume a handful. Between 1 0 and 30 grams is the ideal amount. Remember that excesses are harmful.

While this food can promote the burning of calories , we must not forget that it is a food rich in fatty acids. So there is eating nuts in low quantity if we want to lose weight.

To carry out a healthy consumption, if there are doubts, it is best to turn to a nutritionist to evaluate, what can be the best nutritional plan based on our constitution and metabolism.

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