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You Can Eat These Foods As Much As You Like Without The Fear Of Weight Gain!

Trying to lose weight and shaping your figure is the dream of millions of people around the world. These people are ready to do everything in order to achieve it and many of them try diets which literally starve them, resulting in numerous problems. Starving yourself won’t help you lose weight – in fact, it can seriously harm it. If you really want to melt the excess fat off your body, you should ditch your unhealthy habits and start eating a healthy diet free of sugar and processed food.

Of course, making dietary sacrifices is tough – after all, who’d like to see their favorite food taken off the menu for a long time? However, there are still delicious foods you can eat as much as you like without the fear of weight gain.

Here’s a list of foods you can eat and still not gain weight:


Celery is a water-rich vegetable that will detoxify your body and help you lose weight.


The delicious eggplant can be enjoyed in many ways and has only 24 calories per average serving, making it an excellent food of choice if you’re on a diet.


Eat popcorn without sugar or butter poured over them and they can help you lose weight. An average serving of popcorn without additives has only 31 calories, so you can safely enjoy it without the fear of gaining weight.


Algae rich in iodine such as laminaria can improve your thyroid function and regulate your hormones, which will eventually lead to weight loss.

Citrus Fruits

Tangerines, lemons, oranges and grapefruits are great for losing weight. They are rich in fiber, flavonoids and vitamin C which will significantly improve your digestion and metabolism and help you lose weight fast.


A slice of melon has only 60-70 calories and is rich in water and other essential nutrients, so you can eat as much as you want from it. Besides satiating you, melons will also prevent fluid retention.


Cucumbers are full of water and nutrients that can help you lose weight and prevent bloating. You can eat a whole lot of them without fearing weight gain as they’re pretty low on calories.


The tasty zucchinis will regulate your salt-water ratio and improve your digestion, effectively reducing your energy output. A cup of zucchinis has only 42 calories.


Beets contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients which can improve your metabolism, regulate your blood sugar levels and help your body burn fat.


Pineapples can aid your protein metabolism and contains a compound known as bromelain which helps the body split fats.


Eggs are the ideal food if you want to lose weight. They contain omega-3s, protein and other nutrients which will support your digestion and metabolism and help you lose weight quickly.

Apples And Plums

Both apples and plums contain a lot of vitamin C and potassium that will improve your cardiovascular health and boost metabolism. They are also rich in fiber which will help you feel full for longer and are low on calories – a single apple has about 50 calories.


Strawberries, blackberries and cranberries are full of vitamin C which is a powerful diuretic that will remove the excess fluids from your body. All these berries will help you lose weight and are great for your heart as well thanks to the variety of nutrients they contain.

Green Salad

Eat green salad every day as it has only 3 calories per serving and a lot of folic acid.

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage

All these leafy vegetables are full of vitamin C and extremely low on calories – a cup of diced cabbage has only 7 kcal! Add them in your diet and you will start losing weight soon.

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