5 main killers of female beauty

Every woman dream of looking perfect not only for her man but also for herself too. What is more, these days, the natural beauty is on the top of the list, and many ladies instead of creating the beautiful look try to improve and maintain the one given by nature.

However there is always something standing in the way, no matter how hard you may try, you always end up looking not that perfect as intended – so what is the reason? The thing is that there are certain killers that kill your natural glow just like that. That is why today we are going discuss all of them so that you try to keep away from them as possible, deal?

#1 Negative habits

This is something that most of us are guilty of – we tend to like all the things that have a negative impact on us more than all the healthy ones. So what are these bad habits? Is it just smoking and alcohol? Oh, no, there are a lot more of them. For example, the lack of sleep, unhealthy food, and poor beauty care – all of these are negative habits you better get rid of. Of course, it seems that not washing off your makeup occasionally will not have any influence on your loo, but it will. That is what it is best to forget about all of your bad habits and develop new ones, healthy one.

#2 Stress

Most of us live a pretty hectic life that are why it is almost inevitable not to have to deal with stress. It seems that stressful situation is gaining on us from everywhere. But if you can’t escape the stress, there is something else you can surely do. The way you deal with stress definitely has a great impact on you. For example, if you painfully react to all the stressful situation, it is pretty obvious that you won’t look your absolute best after a while since no one look perfect when she is tired, with bad hair and bad skin. Learn to accept the stress and let it go, try to meditate and to get rid of all of your negative emotions in the way that is the least harmful for you.

#3 Disease

Everyone can catch a cold or get sick with something else; we can’t escape what is coming to our ways, not all the time at least. Usually, after you have been ill for a while, you tend to look not your best, with brittle hair, thin nails, and bags under the eyes. However, there is something you can do to deal with this state as soon as possible; you need to supply your body with all the vitamins and necessary rest for the fastest recovery and best outlook.

#4 Lack of sleep

It is very easy to underestimate the importance of sleep in your life. The thing is that all the most important processes in our bodies are carried out when we are asleep. That is why when your body cannot perfect properly it starts to look not its best, and it is difficult not to notice. To avoid that you need to set a rule of having the least 7 hours of sleep daily – no excuses.

#5 Poor quality makeup

Obsession with makeup is something that almost every woman in the world has to deal with. There is barely a chance to resist the temptation of buying a new lipstick or an eyeshadow palette, and that is where the risks are coming from. Of course, we are not going to tell you to forget about the makeup products, no, but you need to pay attention to the quality of the things you buy. There are lots of available products that are still affordable and qualified, while the worst quality comes at the lowest price. At the beginning, you may not notice the result, but in the long run, your clogged pores, allergies and what to will tell you that something went wrong. It is best to cut on the number of lipsticks that you have and to concentrate on the quality instead.

As you can see all of these things are basic at their core, but they have a major influence on your general outlook. That is why if you wish to look perfect you need to learn how to cut off the bad things and introduce the good ones into your life. The truth is that it may seem impossible or difficult only in the beginning after you start to reap the fruit of success you will appreciate the cost.

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