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Herbal products and herbs that contain estrogen – a female hormone of youth

Every woman wants to look her absolute best all the time not to mention to attract the attention of men no matter how old she is. However, it is never enough to look beautiful just from the inside, simply because you router beauty greatly depends on your inner one. In order to be beautiful from within you need to be healthy and women health is dependable on the hormonal balance. Tricky connection, isn’t it?

There is one hormone – estrogen – when there is a lack of it the woman becomes moody, gains weight. Also fatigue, low self-esteem, and low libido become her best friends so to speak.

If you look at this hormone from a different angle and combine it with all the symptoms that its absence brings you come to an understanding why it is named to the hormone of youth. As long as the woman considers herself beautiful and attractive, she will glow and stay young no matter how old she may actually be. That is why we decided that it might be nice to share with you a list of herbs that are rich in estrogen and will help you refill when the time comes.

#1 Flax seeds

You probably already heard hoe effective flax seeds are when it comes to many health issues and right now it turns out that that they are also helpful when your estrogen levels go low. All you need are just two tablespoons of flax seeds a day to restore your estrogen levels and to become young and beautiful once again.

#2 Lentils

Lentils are rich in protein, and you may already know that too, but they are great to deal with the depression when needed.

#3 Apricots

No matter fresh or dried apricots are what you need to consume when your estrogen level drops.

#4 Fenugreek seeds

It is believed that fenugreek seeds are rich in components which are especially useful when it comes to dealing with cancer especially for women. What it more, fenugreek seeds are great to get all of the toxins in your body out.

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