10 things that happen to the body after sitting for 8 hours a day

Can you say for sure how much time you are sitting during the day? If you do not think about this issue, the problem does not seem global. However, as soon as a timer fixing the time spent on the chair appears next to you the result will be quite shocking.

People spend too much time sitting. The working day at the office ends with sitting on the sofa watching TV series or playing computer games. Even if after work you add an hour of exercising into your usual schedule, this will not fix the situation. Most of the day of modern man will still remain inactive.

The problem is much more serious than it seems at first glance, so we hope that by reading this article you will want to get up immediately and to take a step towards a more active lifestyle. Let’s look at 10 things that happen to the body after sitting for 8 hours a day:

#1. Load on the spine. The sitting position is absolutely unnatural. The spine is S-shaped not in vain: it helps to withstand high loads, but in the sitting position S turns into C.

#2. The cardiovascular system. A high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is one of the most serious consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

#3. Varicose veins. People who sit all day long, suffer from poor circulation of blood in the lower limbs, which leads to varicose veins. Women are more predisposed to this.

#4. Excess weight. Overweight is one of the most common effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The metabolism slows down and the amount of calories burned is reduced, the surpluses of which are deposited in the form of fat.

#5. Muscles and bones. Muscles become weak and flabby because of stoop and low mobility. In the first place, this process affects the muscles of the abdominal and the buttocks.

#6. Digestive system. The pancreas produces insulin, which delivers glucose to the cells, in order to feed them with energy. However, cells in non-functioning muscles consume insulin in much lesser amounts, and the pancreas nevertheless continues its production.

#7. Aging. It has been proved that the aging process is markedly accelerated with a sedentary lifestyle.

#8. Mental and anxiety disorders. Sedentary lifestyle negatively affects mental health. People who do not receive any loads are more prone to depression and anxiety.

#9. Insomnia. A sedentary lifestyle can cause problems with sleep.

#10. Men’s problems. Sedentary lifestyle threatens with erectile dysfunction, prostatitis and hormonal imbalance.

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