8 ways to spot a schizophrenic

These days, many people suffer from various conditions and not all of them are physical, some are mental. However, the same as with physical conditions that are difficult to spot the very same goes for mental ones. The truth is that people who have schizophrenia may not be easy to point out, especially at the very early stages, while it is also true that the further goes the progression of the disease the more difficult it is to deal with it.

Very often, people start to develop schizophrenia at the age of 18-35 years and if with older age it is easier to figure out that there is something wrong, with teenagers it is a lot harder since you can easily mistake schizophrenia for rebel teen years. To help you save someone you care for from something as serious as this condition, we decided to point out eight ways that you can spot a person with schizophrenia and try to help him.

#1. Delusions

It is not always that a person with schizophrenia can’t draw a line between the reality and fantasy. But in most cases, he or she thinks that there is something going on that only he can see.

#2. Hallucinations

That is when the things get pretty tough if you know that a person sees things that others don’t – call a doctor.

#3. Disorganized thinking

If a person can’t organize his thoughts and can’t explain something, there is a high chance that the person has schizophrenia and needs professional help.

#4. Aggression

Very often people who have schizophrenia are very aggressive and violent for no reason. Agitation and inexplicable violence should be dealt with in any case, schizophrenic or not.

#5. Initiative

People who have schizophrenia usually do not feel like doing anything, the lack the initiative and drive.

#6. Social withdrawal

People with schizophrenia do not like to interact with other people, and they try to distance themselves from society as far as possible.

#7. Apathy

In many cases, people with schizophrenia do not care about what is going on around them and with them.

#8. Emotional expression

Very often people with schizophrenia lack emotional expression; anything apart from anger may be alien to them.

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