Here’s Why You Should Consume Avocados Every Day

Avocados are definitely one of the healthiest and most popular fruits in the world. Besides being tasty, avocados are full of unique nutrients which can significantly improve your health. All of this has been scientifically proven – latest studies have shown that people who consume avocado every day have lower body mass index and improved nutrient intake as well.

Here’s what makes avocados so great:

Rich In Healthy Fats

Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats which can lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Promote Weight Loss

According to one study, consuming avocados regularly will keep you satiated and full for a longer period, which will lead to weight loss. According to participants in the study, having half an avocado for lunch reduced their desire for food for about 40% in the next few hours. After 5 hours, they were 30% less likely to eat, which shows that the fruit is highly satiating and can help you lose weight.

Regulate Your Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association, eating a diet rich in potassium can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and many cardiovascular problems. Avocados are rich in this important mineral and are also full of healthy fats which are great for your heart.

Regulate Your Cholesterol Levels

Eat an avocado per day to reduce your cholesterol levels and prevent it from accumulating in your arteries. Studies have shown that avocados can also lower your triglyceride levels and prevent a variety of serious health problems.

Rich In Essential Nutrients

Due to the abundance of nutrients they contain, avocados can easily improve your health. They contain all the vitamins and minerals your body needs on a daily basis – there’s a lot of vitamin B6, C, K and E as well as magnesium, potassium, copper, folate and pantothenic acid.

Improve The Absorption Of Nutrients

In order for them to be absorbed properly, the vitamins and minerals we consume need to be fat-soluble. Luckily, all the nutrients in avocados are fat-soluble, so by consuming the fruit regularly, you will definitely improve your nutrient absorption. Besides the rich amount of vitamins and minerals, avocados contain powerful antioxidants such as beta and alpha carotene and lutein which can prevent macular degeneration.

Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing health concern, with experts suggesting that it may affect up to 40% of the American population in the near future. To reduce the risk of diabetes, we must keep our blood sugar levels in check. According to one study, adding ¼ of an avocado for lunch can reduce the risk of high blood sugar and insulin levels and prevent glucose spikes, effectively reducing the risk of the terrible disease.

Improve Eye Health

Macular degeneration is one of the main causes of blindness, which is why we should do everything we can to prevent it. The good news is that by upping the intake of antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin the risk of macular degeneration will go significantly down. According to studies, foods rich in phytonutrients can provide your body with a lot of these two antioxidants and avocados are the perfect source.

Important For Pregnant Women

Due to the rich amount of vitamin B6 and C as well as folate and potassium, avocados are a great food for pregnant mothers-to-be. All the nutrients are important for proper fetal development and can treat the symptoms such as morning sickness. Folate is especially important as it can prevent neural tube defects and other problems in the early stages of pregnancy.

Improve Bone Health

Consuming avocados regularly will nourish your body with folate, copper, vitamin K, magnesium and calcium which will strengthen your bones and prevent the development of serious bone problems.

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