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Do You Need Energy? This Shake Recharges You While You Lose Weight!

Our rhythm of life demands us to be always active and ready to face new challenges day after day. Unfortunately we do not always have enough energy and strength to achieve it. Some mornings we wake up without the courage to go out to do our daily tasks and when this happens the days become a torture.

There are some people who look for energy drinks or products with a lot of sugar to recover the energy lost after a tiring day, but over time that becomes a problem for health. No more! You should know that nature offers you what you need to be active every morning.

Today we will show you a miraculous shake that will return you with interests the energies that you feel you have lost. It is 100% effective and does not entail any risk to health. And, in addition to helping you with this, it also detoxifies and cleanses the body of everything it no longer needs.

The shake that will give you back all the energy you feel you lost

We know that nature is an inexhaustible source of resources that allow us to take care of ourselves and protect our health from long-term damage. Sugar is the engine of energy but the consumption of processed sugars does not cause diseases and serious health problems, however nature gives us healthy sugars, those that come directly from the vegetable origin, such as vegetables and fruits, apart from that fibers are a great source of vitamins and important compounds to achieve a healthy body.


  • 1 slice of pineapple
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 stalks of celery


Wash the ingredients with great care not to leave any dirt. In a blender add a glass of water and proceed to mix the ingredients, strain and ready.


Take every day 20 minutes before breakfast, this juice can be the perfect companion for our meals.

Benefits of this drink: In addition to maintaining your ideal weight and keeping you full of energy, this shake will help you with the following.

  1. Eliminate cholesterol
  2. Cleans clogged arteries
  3. Promotes the expulsion of toxins
  4. Cleans the liver
  5. Detoxifies the colon
  6. Promotes body energy throughout the day
  7. Contribute to the health and beauty of the skin
  8. Strengthens the immune system
  9. Deflates the belly

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