30 best ways to lose weight for women over 30

Are you a woman a little over thirty and you look with envy at the young ladies, flaunting in mini-skirts and tight jeans? You should not, you can afford it yourself, because you are young. Thirty years is the most flourishing age for any woman!

You have a good career, you have a family and children, plans, opportunities – it remains to make some changes in your body and your state of health, then the young will envy you. Yes, of course, you need to work hard, but the result is worth it.

To get an attractive body, you need to make an effort, and healthy eating should become your faithful friend after thirty. We offer you to look at 30 best ways to lose weight for women over 30. Make some changes in your life and you will see great results:

#1. Refuse eating sweeteners.

#2. Eat more beans.

#3. Increase the consumption of useful bacteria.

#4. Start cooking at home more.

#5. Eat healthy breakfast.

#6. Try to eat every three-four hours.

#7. Make your workout short, but intensive.

#8. Do not be silent about your problems.

#9. Watch what you eat and what you drink, fight with emotional attachment to food.

#10. Try to be aware of everything.


#11. Try to eat more fish and less meat.

#12. Create your diet diary.

#13. Eat dry fruits between meals.

#14. Add more foods containing good fats to your diet.

#15. Eat soup every day.

#16. Find people with the same interests in fitness and eating.

#17. Be more in cool air or in cool rooms.

#18. Add more spinach to your diet.

#19. Cut carbs.

#20. Limit barbecues and drinking alcohol.

#21. Sleep well, at least seven-eight hours every day.

#22. Be more outdoors. Vitamin D is very useful for the body.

#23. Drink more water. You should drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

#24. Cut your portions. It is better to eat less, but more times.

#25. Change your plates for smaller ones.

#26. Eat more meals cooked at home.

#27. Find a good doctor.

#28. Join groups and clubs.

#29. Come to the desired results step by step. Do not look for immediate results.

#30. Remember that all ways lead to the victory.

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