8 tips on how to relax and recharge batteries in four days

According to observations of the French expert on psychoneuroimmunology Pierre Dellbar three short holidays (including long weekends) – affect the body and mind much better than one long rest. The specialist recommends: run off from the routine work several times a year for a period of 4 to 10 days. Not more. Even four days will be enough. The body needs regular relaxation – especially, it concerns those who are dealing with mental and physical work.

The body should disconnect from everything that can cause stress, and motivate to return to work. This is called a micro-vacation. Today, all people have such an opportunity at least once a year. Can we talk about professional training when it comes to rest, even if it is short? We sleep, eat, walk, have a picnic with friends or watch a series of shows. What should we plan or learn?

However, everything is not so simple. The overwhelming number of people start embarking on all the grave during their holidays: they overeat, sleep 12 hours a day, do not think about anything and become endlessly lazy. As a result, after a short rest, they return to the office even more tired than before the holidays and with the desire to rest more. How is it possible to accumulate a maximum of energy just for four days on vacation?

#1. The first step is planning. Try to think about what you will do during your micro-vacation. If this is a trip, then it is worth choosing the directions that allow you to disconnect from the routine, but, at the same time, they should not require a dreary organization. If you stay at home, decide what you will do every day. Otherwise, there is a chance to spend the energy wasted by the lazy idleness, and to have a sad aftertaste after – the time was wasted. Choose the book you wanted to read for a long time; meet with old friends; enjoy a good film – the feeling of rest is given by happy memories.

#2. Limit the use of gadgets, even if at first it seems an unrealistic task. Take the rule to watch the news in the morning at a certain hour and in the evening, and then put the phone aside.

#3. Do you dream of sleeping a lot? Spend in bed a maximum of 1.5 hour more than usually (two phases of sleep). Otherwise, you can disrupt the work of biorhythms.

#4. The most productive rest for the brain is vivid impressions. The effect of switching attention works. Change the situation for at least one day cardinally. It is important that the place is as contrastive as possible: spend all the days in a noisy city – get out on the beach (even at the river); work with documents and figures; go to the art gallery.

Take just a few minutes out of each day to bring yourself to a state of calm and wellness and balance your life using a combination of guided meditations and mindfulness techniques. The techniques are a simple, practical relaxation method for anyone.

#5. Charlotte Fritz from the Braunschweig Technical University in Germany conducted several studies to analyze the health consequences of vacations. Her conclusion: the best way to enjoy a vacation is to acquire a new skill. For example, try to learn a foreign language, go to a culinary master class or a painting class. In such a way you will reduce the level of stress associated with returning from vacation.

#6. It is known that Japan occupies a leading position on the phenomenon of karoshi – death from overwork. In order not to bring the situation to a critical situation, local experts recommend a therapy, which they dubbed as forest baths. It is about regular contact with nature, to eliminate stress and entertain the mind with pleasant emotions. Walking through the forest and traveling outside the city is a must for your vacation, even the shortest.

#7. The accumulation of energy largely depends on how we breathe. Set a goal to master breathing practices and to learn how to transform negative emotions into positive, to harmonize the body’s work and to achieve a state of complete relaxation. Start with the elementary: sit down straight and comfortable, relax the chest and back, take a deep and gentle breath and exhale slowly through the nose – focus on the process as much as possible. Repeat 10 times. After that you should spend five minutes with your eyes closed. Today you do not need to run anywhere, so you can afford it.

#8. Alternate group days and single days. Today, have lunch in a big company of friends. Tomorrow spend time alone or in a narrow family circle. This is necessary for your body and mind.

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