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Meet the farmer that stopped using pesticides and went 100% natural!

Nowadays, we are constantly reading about companies, such as Monsanto, that produce and use pesticides and claim that they are safe.
Jim Cochran is a farmer who doesn’t agree with this. He has actually decided to stop using pesticides and go 100% natural after he discovered he was being poisoned by the chemicals he was using on his crops.

Jim is now running the first massive organic strawberry farm. He hasn’t used pesticides for 35 years. In 1981, when he started to grow conventional strawberries, he noticed a change and started using pesticides just like everybody else. Then, his eyes began to water, and he began to get all jittery. That is when he decided that we need to stop using these chemicals.

Approximately 10-20,000 American farm workers are poisoned by pesticides and end up suffering from neurological problems for months. The side effects are also serious, which is why Jim decided to completely stop using pesticides, although a lot of people though that that is not even possible.

Jim now owns Swanton Berry Farm and has a lot of customers because of the farm’s organic status. These kinds of strawberry farms are very rare in the United States.
He uses crop rotations, single row planting, beneficial bugs and other timeless methods to improve the growth of his strawberries. Although these methods are very old, they are also very successful.

He is also trying toraise the awareness of other people tostop using pesticides by exposing the truth about the conventional market. He has actually revealed that one acre of non-organic strawberries uses 300 pounds of pesticides, which is around 1,100 percent more than most crops. Most of the pesticides that are used on strawberries are toxic – chloropicrin, Telone (1,3-D) and methyl bromide have actually been connected to hormone disruption, developmental problems and cancer.

Margaret Reeves, PhD the Senior Scientist with Pesticide Action Network warns that the current regulations are not sufficient. More than 5.5 million pounds of chloropicrin are used in California alone.
This farmer is one a kind. Most of the other farmers are still using the conventional methods and intentionally selling strawberries infected with dangerous chemicals just for the sake of more profit.

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