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Read About This Baby Who Cried In Pain Because Of A Kitchen Mistake!

This is the story about Lucinda and her baby who acted strangely back in 2014. This baby just wouldn’t stop crying, and Lucinda didn’t know the reason, because as she said, it wasn’t a normal crying for food or sleeping… So she realized there was something more to it.

She took the baby to a hospital who already had a high body temperature. It was stated that the baby has listeria meningitis, which is an infection of the brain, and this was really disturbing to Lucinda.

The usual cases say that it happens because of something that the mother has consumed during the pregnancy or the delivery. So what had she eaten? Cold cuts!
These are cheeses, deli meats, and deli items that are served cold. They can be hosts of listeria bacteria since they live at the cold temperatures in the fridge. Apparently pregnant women are not supposed to consume them since they trigger the listeria meningitis and this is something the babies cannot fight.

Some products in the fridge that are always served cold are bad for the pregnant women like ham, salami, turkey, bologna, and hotdogs.
So what could have happened if the baby hadn’t been treated on time? The baby could have died. She sends a message to all women out there to pay attention to what food they consume. Parents and future parents need to know this. Share your knowledge!

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