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Remove Your Bad Breath In 5 Minutes Using This This Natural Remedy!

Many people face problems with bad breath and it is unpleasant. Some people even though they brush their teeth, still can’t get rid of the breath. It could be a consequence of food they have eaten or maybe bacteria in their mouth… whatever the case, they are having trouble removing it.

It is difficult to get rid of it. You can find many and various toothpastes as well as mouth washing liquids can but they are all full of chemicals, and also expensive.
Luckily, this time we are presenting you a natural remedy which is extremely helpful for your breath. Follow the recipe:


  • Two lemons
  • One cup warm water
  • ½ spoon of cinnamon
  • One small spoon bicarbonate
  • One small spoon honey

How to prepare it:
You need to mix the lemon juice, honey and cinnamon in a bottle. Use bicarbonate if you don’t have honey. Add the water and shake the mixture. Gargle one or two spoons of it, and then spit.

Cinnamon is really useful because it removes the bacteria which lead to bad breath. The honey has anti-bacterial features whereas the bicarbonate makes your teeth white. The lemon gives the scent and in addition it destroys all the bacteria which are left in the mouth. Don’t wait for this solution, try it and enjoy!

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