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C-Section Women and Things About Them!

Babies can be born in 2 ways. Either the natural way or by C-section. There is a constant talk about those who give birth with C-section that they haven’t been given enough credit for and this is pure nonsense. We give you here three facts you need to know about the C-section and what do women go through:

  1. They face surgical procedure

In spite of the fact it is a common procedure, it is definitely still a surgery. This menas that a lot of things can go wrong and there might be complications. So there is a real threat just as same as when the woman is giving birth the natural way. Also, while the C-section is performed,members of the family aren’t allowed in the room, so moms are completely alone without any support. They have to be self-confident, strong, to continue what they have started and hope the child will be ok.

  1. Until they get out from the OR, they don’t know if they are perfectly fine

The danger does not end when they give birth to the baby. They have to wake up from anesthesia, and it has to be confirmed that everything is fine. Another thing is that while the C-section is perfomed, ladies are conscious; they cannot feel the pain but do feel the stomach movements. This is not a pleasant feeling, and sometimes it can traumatize the woman. But women still go on with that because they know what they get in return.

  1. Their post-cesarean recovery is a mark for real heroes

Whenthe baby is born, it is given the care and love it needs. We all know how much attention, logistics and planning this takes. Now imagine how much harder it is when you need to do all this accompanied by the surgical pains the mom has undergone with. Maybe they didn’t push the baby out but they do have the pain. The whole recovery can sometimes not be as good as we want.

So, this makes women even stronger. This is a pain that nobody has considered possible. This is an inner strength that only those moms know. And they do this smiling, because it is worth it. All the lack of sleep they face is worth for the life they have around them with those little hands and little face. All that is worth.

These women definitely deserve an applause! The scar they have shouldn’t be hidden but shown since it is a proof of a won fight.

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