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Read the benefits from the raw milk!

There was one study released in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology which stated that the processed milk is not beneficial for our health, it may even have some negative effects for us and our family, while the raw milk is helpful for boosting our immunity and preventing colds and respiratory tract infections.

There is one group of European doctors and scientists who are studding the impacts from the raw milk in comparison to the processed milk and boiled farm-fresh milk. This project is known as “PASTURE” and it consisted one group of women, who were living on farms in central Europe.
They were in their trimester of pregnancy and they were researching their lifestyle patterns and the consummation of milk as well. Their conclusion was that the raw milk is a lot better than the processed milk regarding the nutrients and the immune-boosting characteristics.

The raw milk is similar with the breast milk because it gives protective benefits for the health of babies. It is also reducing the C-reactive protein level, which is being connected to inflammation. It is functioning like preventative measure for the inflammation, while the processed milk is working like a pro-inflammatory food.

Does Ultra-Heat-Treated Commercial Milk Promote Respiratory And Other Health Issues?

The ultra-heated commercial milk represents the most available milk in the stores. Its consummation was not linked with the lowering of C-reactive protein. However, it was discovered to increase the prevalence of fevers.
In comparison to that, the raw milk is linked to 30% decrease in respiratory and fever infections concerning the young children and babies. It was also discovered that the minimally processed milk boiled on the farms also includes some health benefits, but not that much as the raw milk.

Dr. Ton Baars, who is a professor and senior scientist for milk quality and animal welfare at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Germany stated that they are only talking about the fevers and infections and not about the allergies and asthma in young children. This is suggesting that the raw milk is functioning like a protective agent for some infectious diseases in children.


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