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10+ Most Weirdly Strange Fashionable Items People May Not Dare To Try On

“Fashion is cruel and mean”. Have you ever heard that? We bet that sometimes you agree with that statement.

Fashion isn’t always “wearable,” but that’s cool. Whatevs. When you are a designer, it’s your show and you can do whatever you want, but let’s all just agree to call a spade a spade, and take these moments and outfits for what they are, which is really, really weird.

We have collected pictures of fashion collapse. Well, we don’t deny such fashion attributes at a costume party but don’t even think of wearing them in your daily life. The pictures represent a fashion show being transformed into a freak show. Have fun and don’t forget to leave your comments.

1. When we got nothing to hide

2. Is this made from a bag?

3. Next trend after leopard leggings

4. For those who can’t decide

5. The scare-away jeans

6. The innuendo shoes

7. Minimalism gone too far

8. A real urban person

9. For people who’s often lonely…

10. This costs $1,500

11. It’s not a blanket in a bag. It’s a women’s bag design.

12. Made to fly, not walk

13. When you want to get rid of annoying suitors

14. Facekini

15. Pointy Boots

16. Live Pet Jewelry

17. Robotic Tail

18. Mosquito Net Pants

19. You should totally wear this to your ex’s wedding next year

20. People are getting ready for Christmas earlier and earlier.

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