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Do You Know Only 15 Minutes of Walking Can Change Everything!

The most common and ordinary thing that a human being can do is walking. Unless we are somehow physically impaired, we humans, take this for granted. We are here today to talk about a French study which suggests that we should pay more attention to the benefits that walking has to offer. This is very true, especially as we age.

The Benefits of Walking

The study which was conducted showed that over the course of the 12 years, walking had a tremendous effect on adults over 65. The rate of mortality was reduced by 22% in 12 years due to 15 minutes of walking a day. What is more, the percent was even higher with longer walks and more frequent walks.

The lead researcher claimed that age was not an excuse to not do any exercise. It is actually proven that regular physical activity has a great effect on the overall health. It is even more than any other medical treatment. However, less than half of the older adults achieve the recommended minimum of 150 minutes moderate immensity or 75 minutes vigorous intensity exercise each week.

All of this should not come as a surprise because this is very basic to us. Walking has been studied a lot for its effects on a lot of human conditions. A lot of people do not consider walking an aerobic exercise. That is why they ignore it and its benefits.


According to a 2016 study, if you increase walking in obese children to 45 minutes every day for 5 days a week, you’ll increase their lung capacity at the same time in only 6 weeks. Fast walking will help you improve your overall fitness level and it will be more efficient.

Mental health can be especially supported by walking outdoors. Nature and its environment are far more different than the things we use every day, including the electronics. They help us lower depression, decrease our everyday stress and improve our overall mood.

Sunshine is especially important since it supplies us with the necessary amounts of vitamin D. Walking indoors can also be good, especially walking on a treadmill. It has been proved to be also very productive just like walking outdoors. Either way, your mental activity will be increased.

Aerobic Exercise

An aerobic exercise is actually an exercise which stimulates the heart and the respiratory rates to pump additional oxygen to muscles. Even a small stroll can achieve this. Thus, the faster you walk, the more aerobic is the activity.

Therefore, increased cardiovascular, respiratory, and circulatory operations mean that nutrients will go where they must, to support the exercise. Energy, on the other hand, is used, rather than stored, and your organs, muscles, and bones are strengthened. Our bodies are actually meant for movement.

What this means is that a sedentary lifestyle is without a doubt a causer of illness. The routine low levels of physical activity caused an increase of what is called ‘sedentary death syndrome.’ This is actually a very real condition. It has been deemed ‘a major public health burden due to its causing multiple chronic diseases and millions of premature deaths each year.’

Moreover, if you do not use it, you will lose it. This refers to everything, stemming from muscle strength to cognition.


Regular walking is going to help us improve our mobility. Increased mobility reduces the risk of injury. We know that when we’re injured and something hurts us, we definitely don’t want to touch it as it will hurt more. That’s why walking is recommended to people with arthritis and joint problems.

Walking is recommended by the American Heart Association against: hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke. You don’t have to walk 30 minutes every day strictly. You can divide it into 2 parts and walk two times for 15 minutes. Remember to start slowly and then increase the pace.

It’s also recommended to take a walk if you’re having problems with your sleep.

Only one walk can have significant results and improve your insomnia. Try it out today!

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