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How To Know If You Have Blocked Arteries? Silent Signs To Take Care Of

When the blood flow to an area of the body is hindered for some reason, poor circulation is the end result. Although bad circulation isn’t considered to be a condition in and of itself, it usually means something is wrong within the body (i.e. heart conditions, diabetes, etc.).

It could also mean a blocked artery, and if this is not caught in time it could be fatal.

What are some other things that may cause bad circulation?

  • Smoking
  • Sitting too much
  • Eating fast food, a lot
  • Obesity (imagine that)

Why is good circulation important?

Every organ in your body depends on your free-flowing blood to receive the vital nutrients needed to function. Even if we slow down this process it can damage important organs like the brain and heart.

Think of a traffic jam on the 405 in Los Angeles for instance.

When this happens, there is zero productivity happening; no one is getting anything done (let’s pretend iPhones don’t exist for a minute) or delivering goods to areas that need it. In order for the city and surrounding areas to “stay alive,” we need traffic to flow.


  1. Wounds that heal poorly
  2. Area of the body affected is cooler than the rest
  3. Shiny skin
  4. Loss of hair on the legs
  5. Leg pain that usually comes when you stop exercising
  6. Burning
  7. Numbness

On the other hand, some people do not experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms which happen when the body makes new blood vessels grow around the blockages.

Prevention and Treatment

Consider making some of the following lifestyle changes:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Eating a plant-based diet
  • Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol

Please watch the video below for movements that can improve the circulation and health of your legs.

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