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Frozen Lemons: A More Powerful Treatment Than Chemotherapy!

A lot of restaurant professionals and nutritionists deplete or use up the whole lemon and nothing is thrown away. In order for the whole fruit to be used, you must wash the lemon skin pretty well, wrap it in film to preserve its aroma and put it in the freezer.

When the lemon is frozen, use a grater to grate it. You can use it in pasta sauce, stews, wines, sushi, salads, water, pure soups, rice, lemonades and granizadas.

It is going to give you a marvelous taste which you have never tried before. Lemon skin holds 5 to 10 more vitamins than the lemon juice. If we carry on freezing the lemon and grating it and spraying it on the food, we are going to acquire greater helpful advantages for our health. It is ten thousand times more efficient than chemotherapy. It has a nice aroma and taste and does not create the terrible effects caused by chemotherapy.

Besides grating the skin, we could as well use up the juice and the pulp and include it in ice creams, cakes, et cetera. The most interesting quality is the effect it has on cysts and tumors. It has in fact been proved to help with any kind of cancerous disease.

It is also thought to be an antimicrobial spectrum against bacterial and fungal infections, counters internal parasites and worms, controls the blood pressure, it is used as a strong antidepressant and counters nervousness.

This fruit is a known to be an awesome alkalinizer which manages the blood’s pH levels. It can as well kill the diseased cells of 12 cancer kinds such as prostate, lung, pancreas, and colon cancer.

The compounds of the lemon have been proven to be 10 000 times superior to adriamycin, the drug used in chemotherapy to decrease the growth of cancer cells. The lemon healing treatment targets only the deadly carcinogenic cells and does not affect the healthy ones.


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