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The Dangers Of Eating McDonald’s French Fries! Here’s What You Should Know!

The simple fact that the McDonald’s fries contain more than ten ingredients is quite disturbing if you think twice about it: do you really need so many ingredients for making fries?

This made Grant Imahara from the science show Mythbusters research the manner in which these fries are being produced. In particular, he examined a McDonald’s fry factory and reverse-engineered the complete process.

He stated: “I am perfectly aware of what you are thinking about. These look like potatoes, but are they really potatoes?” The sad truth is that they are not even close to them. The following is the shortened list of the ingredients used in the preparation of the popular McDonald’s French fries:

Soybean oil
Canola oil
Natural beef flavor
Hydrogenated soybean oil
Hydrolyzed milk
Hydrolyzed wheat
TBHQ, or Tertiary butyl hydroquinone

The three harmful ingredients used for the fries are hydrogenated soybean oil, TBHQ and dimethylpolysiloxane.


TBHQ is a type of phenol that is used for keeping the fries from going bad. However, it is likewise present in bio-diesel. Healthline states that lab studies that have been conducted on animals have shown that this chemical substance can cause liver enlargement, paralysis, convulsions, as well as neurotoxic effects. In addition, it is likewise added in the black list of the Feingold diet, which is a diet targeted at the management of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, which means that patients who have been diagnosed with ADHD should avoid it.


This harmful ingredient incorporate formaldehyde, which is extremely toxic, and the National Toxicology Program has listed it as carcinogenic.

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil

It is likewise known as trans fat, and health expert say that it’s “the worst type of fat, much worse compared to saturated fat.” Dr. Mercola, states the following risks associated with the use of hydrogenated soybean oil:

Heart illness
Weakened immune system
Reproductive problems
Bone degeneration

Dr. Mercola states that soybean oil isn’t actually a healthy oil, because it generally contains omega-6 fats, and the process of hydrogenation contributes to its undesirable results.

The company, when giving a statement to Global News, stated the following:
“After having listened to our customers carefully and after identifying some of the difficulties we were facing, McDonald’s managed to develop a transparent communication line via the interactive, online Q&A platform.”

This offers hope that after they become more transparent regarding the ingredients used in the preparation of their food, they are likewise going to make the necessary changes.

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