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SHOCKING! USA Processing Chickens In China And Then Sending Them Back Home For You To Eat!

The United States Department of Agriculture announced that USA can now legally raise chickens and then send them to China for processing and then return them to the USA again for sale. This is due to the fact that the labor industry is cheaper in China than in the USA and it is much more affordable to process the chickens there.

Moreover, there is no law that those chickens process in China have to be labeled so you won’t be able to tell the difference. And there also won’t be any officials to check whether they are processed according to US standards.

People are kind of worried because this may cause chickens raise in China to get to the US market, especially considering the fact the chickens won’t be labeled.

This is already happening with salmon. The best way to remove the bones from salmon is by hand and it is more affordable to pay the workers in China than in the USA.

But, the fact that China does not have a good reputation when it comes to the production processes, and health in general, makes this situation kind of dangerous. Namely, China is often target of controversial scandals about food, like for example the scandal when 300,000 kids got ill or died from contaminated milk powder, the baby formula that contained a high level of mercury, the lamb meat that turned out to be a rat meat and many others.

So, it seems like the only way to know where chickens come from will be to buy from the local farmers.

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