21 Fantastic People Who Can Turn Life Into Real Art

Inspiration has a way of finding you anytime and in any place. With a pinch of imagination, everything can be used as a canvas from a rice field to a dinner plate. Pablo Picasso once said that, “everything you can imagine is real” and lots of people have followed suit.

At Bright Side we praise imaginative souls, especially those who have the ability to create masterpieces out of nothing. This compilation is dedicated to the inner Picasso in all of us.

  1. Your mom always has your back.

2. Don’t you just love this autumn version of Winnie the Pooh?

3. Her mom said, “Don’t play with your food,” but she didn’t listen.

4. The monarch butterfly is in your hands.

5. This guy doesn’t chew gum, he turns it into art.

6. Pocahontas’ Grandmother Willow would be jealous of this one.

7. Old clothes can be great art material!

8. This guy crashed his car but somehow now, it’s even better.

9. When you don’t like your broccoli but you love art:

10. This girl cleaned up a beach and turned cigarette litter into a turtle.

11. When your kids get creative and you are a natural too:

12. This is more than sushi, it’s a work of art.

13. Art doesn’t have to be huge to make you go, “WOW.”

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Black Horse 2

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14. Old books are not for sale, they are for art divinity.

15. This woman creates entire cities out of yummy Jell-O.

16. Meanwhile in the meeting room…

17. Rice fields can be an amazing canvas.

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今回は、我が青森県の名所を紹介します。 県内屈指の米所、津軽平野に位置する田舎館村の「田んぼアート」です。今年のテーマはご覧の通り「ローマの休日」の名シーンのひとつで、黒・赤・紫・緑・黄色・白など、稲の品種を使い分けて植えた超芸術品です。私もしばらくその場で立ち止まって眺めてしまいました。 この田んぼアートの凄いところは、展望台から丁度よく見えるよう、測量技術を駆使した遠近法にあります。全国各地で田舎館村を参考に模倣しているようですが、元祖のクオリティーと心意気を味わっていただきたいと思います。※田舎館村の田んぼアートは、1993年から始まりました。 これからしばらく見頃なので、ねぶた祭りなどで青森県を訪れる予定がある方、是非お立ち寄りください。入場料300円かかりますが、見ると得した気分になりますよ。これは第一会場の作品ですが、第二会場は手塚治虫シリーズとなっています。 ちなみに「あさゆき」とは、青森県の米の品種です。満天☆青空レストランでも紹介されました。 #農業#田んぼアート#青森県#田舎館村#津軽平野#ローマの休日#田んぼ#米#米作り#コメ#稲作#イネ#おこめ#aomori#japan#rice#agriculture#farm#farmer#art#ricepaddy#ricepaddyart#romanholiday#romanholidays#amazing#beautiful#fantastic

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18. If you’ve watched Home Alone more than 5 times, this one is for you.

19. Imagine if every pothole on the street was transformed like this one.

20. This girl’s hair has a mind of its own.

21. Spot the man between the buildings.

Aren’t these people amusingly talented? Have you ever tried transforming everyday objects into real art? We’re sure you are going to rock your art attack. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments. We would love to follow your stories.


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