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He Consumed This Inexpensive Shake And Got Rid Of His Forty-Year Old Stomach!

We are going to show you an extremely nutritious and beneficial
recipe that you can include in your diet in order to burn stomach, considering
that it contains a low number of calories. We are going to prepare it with the
use of four incredible ingredients that provide freshness and satiety: mint, ginger,
cucumber and, of course, lemon.

The combination of the above listed foods results in a mixture
of all-natural and healthy advantages.


In general, cucumber contains 96 percent water, therefore it is
quite low in calories. Fifty grams of cucumber contain only ten calories. It is
perfect for including it in a low-calorie diet regimen and for fighting obesity
and stomach fat. When consumed in raw form, it provides satiety, it aids us to
eat lesser amounts of food later. Having a cucumber salad prior to every meal
is going to work wonders when it comes to losing weight.

It likewise offers these advantages:

  • Stimulates
    the body detoxification
  • It acts
    as an all-natural diuretic: it can aid to battle against fluid retention and to
    eliminate the contaminants through the urine
  • Regulates
    the levels of uric acid
  • It acts
    as an all-natural laxative: it can help cleanse the intestines
  • Reforms
    the mucus of the digestive system
  • Provides
    protection for the walls of the stomach

It is not recommended for people who have an irritable bowel, diarrhea,
chronic gastritis or for people suffering from meteorism.


Mint represents an aromatic herb that has numerous purposes in
the natural medicine as it has restorative properties:

  • For the
    gastrointestinal system:
    it can be used for fighting spasms,
    eliminating gas prior to the appearance of symptoms of swelling, that is, it
    can prevent flatulence, and can act as an analgesic. It aids digestion in
  • For the
    respiratory system:
    it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that make it a
    remarkable treatment for respiratory illnesses like dry coughs, bronchitis, and
    so on. It is likewise antiseptic and it can prevent the appearance of dangerous
    microbes that conform to the walls of the airways.
  • It
    likewise includes ascorbic acid that helps in the removal of mucous and phlegm,
    aiding the decongestion of the sinuses.
  • On the
    In addition, it has anti-bacterial properties that aid the
    treatment of skin problems such as eczema.
  • Battles
    insomnia and betters the quality of sleep.
  • Battles
  • It acts
    as a muscle relaxant when it is taken in the form of infusions.
  • Betters
    the circulation of the blood.

It is used for treating colds, asthma, diarrhea, influenza, Crohn’s
disease, vomiting, intestinal colic, meteorism, for preventing cardiovascular illness
and eliminating foul breath and the stomach fat vanishes.


As a result of the particular flavor it has, ginger is most
frequently used as a spice, in combination with other ingredients. However, in
Chinese medicine it is largely used as the primary ingredient for treating
numerous illnesses. It is a food that has the most anti-inflammatory properties
compared to any other. In addition, it includes minerals, vitamins, amino acids
essential oils, as well as anti-oxidants that have the ability to prevent
damages caused by the free radicals.

It generally acts as a revitalizing agent and can be used as a
sexual invigorator.

It has the ability to treat illnesses like:

  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Menstrual
  • Impotence
  • The flu
    and colds
  • Breathing
    issues: aids the removal of phlegm
  • Digestive
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular
    illness: stimulates blood circulation


It is a remarkable food that can be added to almost every meal.
It is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, just like all citrus fruits. When
it comes to the group of B vitamins, B1 is present with the highest
concentration. It likewise contains indispensable minerals for proper functioning
of the body such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, salt and fluorine.

It is frequently used for its different advantages:

  • Enhances
    the immune system, aids the body not to get sick.
  • It is
  • Aids
    eliminate the toxins from the body.
  • Enhances
    the tonicity of the blood vessels and the capillaries.
  • Aids
    the healing of wounds.
  • Regulates
    the levels of blood glucose.
  • Aids
    with kidney problems.

Its usages in natural medicine are of great importance due to
the fact that it can help treat illnesses like pneumonia, colds, asthma,
bronchitis, aphonia, the flu, pleurisy, tonsillitis, hypertension, kidney or
gall stones, fevers, rickets, anemia, oral problems like sores or cavities,
insomnia, inflammation, constipation, acidosis, and many others!

Ginger, Cucumber And Mint


  • 1
    medium cucumber
  • 2
    liters of water
  • 1
    ginger root
  • 10
    leaves of fresh mint or peppermint
  • 4


  1. Start by cutting the cucumber into thin pieces.
  2. Then, continue by cutting the lemon, in thin pieces as well, thus
    removing all the seeds.
  3. Squeeze the other three lemons.
  4. Add the sliced lemon, juice, mint leaves and cucumber in the
  5. You can likewise add some stevia and mix all the ingredients well.
  6. Leave it to cool down for about six hours in the fridge.
  7. About six hours later, you can either strain the mixture or
    immediately drink it.

It is the perfect alternative for people who don’t like drinking plain
water or for people who don’t get the advised amount of liquids on a daily

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