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    Facts about HPV (human papilloma virus) infection and how it can affect us

    As a result of the growing variety of people in the whole world, along with the free access to those sites that must not be gone to as well as the sudden change of perspectives of modern generation, young people has actually become more open as well as susceptible to sexual points.

    As the variety of individuals boosts, the variety of individuals that have actually been affected or experiencing Sexually Transmitted Disease or likewise called Sexually Sent Diseases rises, too.

    There are a substantial variety of illness that a person can actually acquire from a sexual relations and HPV or likewise referred to as Human Papillomavirus is just one of them.

    Just what is HPV or Human Papillomavirus?

    HPV has actually been referred to as the most typical sexually transmitted infection or also called as STI. Nonetheless, HPV is a different infection from those HIV and also HSV or herpes. There are at the very least 79 countless Americans, a lot of them are at an extremely young age and also early 20’s that are suffering as well as contaminated with this type of virus, HPV.

    There countless sort of HPV, at the very least 100 varieties of them and also 40 of which can be sent via sex-related contact as well as it can additionally impact your genitals, along with your mouth or throat.

    Some kinds of HPV have the capacity to cause illness, which includes genital protuberances and even cancer cells. Actually, 2 sorts of it, which is 16 and 18, trigger a minimum of 70% of cervical cancers cells, as well as precancerous cervical lesions.

    There are likewise provided proofs which link HPV with the cancers of rectum, vulva, vaginal area as well as penis. Thankfully, there are injections that can in fact assist in stopping these health issues from occurring.

    Finding out more concerning this sort of health and wellness concern could actually assist both of males and females on exactly how they could inhibit this from happening in the future, in addition to how might they shield themselves from this illness

    Warning: The pictures that we will be showing below are graphic and also it could be troubling for the eyes of various other visitors. Please be educated appropriately.

    This is an usual kind of illness.

    Based upon the records that were published by the Centers for Condition Control and also Prevention or likewise referred to as CDC, HPV have impacted a minimum of 79 numerous individuals already in the USA of America, alone.

    HPV has the ability to arise from cervical cancer cells, which has actually been discussed earlier as well as it has actually been called the 2nd most usual cancer in the whole world.

    Due to the fact that it generally takes place, it currently triggered around 274,000 fatalities and concerning 529,000 new situations in the year, 2008.

    It can be transferred without also having an intercourse
    You can in fact get HPV by simply having vaginal, rectal or perhaps foreplay with someone that has this kind of virus.

    It is more frequently being spread out throughout genital or rectal sex. However, allow us not neglect the fact that it could also be travelled through kissing due to the fact that HPV can additionally happen in your mouth. As a matter of fact, it can be sent even when an infected individual has revealed no indicators or symptoms.

    Any person that has been known to be sexually energetic can get HPV, although you had sex with simply a single person. You can likewise develop some symptoms years after you have sex with someone who is currently infected by this virus.

    This factor makes it a whole lot hard for you to identify if you have been contaminated by HPV.

    There is HPV injection that is able yet it doesn’t have any type of cure.

    Similar to just what we have pointed out earlier, luckily, there is a vaccine for HPV. The genitals protuberances that were triggered by this type of infection can really be conveniently gotten rid of and also healed, nevertheless, it does not kill the infection that you have inside your body.

    The vaccines that are conveniently offered these days has the capacity to help in decreasing the threat of getting HPV for both males and females at any kind of age.

    A lot of HPV clients do not show any type of signs but few of them does

    The majority of individuals do not show any type of indications or signs about this infection and sometimes, they are just understanding regarding this disease of there is an irregular results offered at their Pap smear.

    Nevertheless, there are some cases where symptoms are appearing yet people mainly neglect and also misconstrued it. Inning accordance with the National Cancer Institute, there are more than half women that are suffering from genital verrucas and also they have no concept or otherwise even conscious that they are already dealing with HPV.

    Some medical professionals are being doubtful to do HPV testing

    Doctors are being doubtful because of the benefits of HPV testing are still undependable. A lot of individuals are obtaining this type of infection that commonly appears in just two years without also revealing any type of complications. Furthermore, positive results of HPV testing could actually cause more suffering and distress than the feeling relevance to the individual who got contaminated by it.

    HPV tests are various from men and women

    For females out there, HPV could actually be spotted if there has actually been an irregular result that showed up on their Pap smear. As for the majority of males, since the moment, there is still no currently HPV examination that is readily available in order to discover the virus.


    Avoidance is constantly much better compared to a remedy. You need to realize about the things that you can in fact do in order to avoid this type of health concern while delighting in every period of your life. You do some things in order to lower you risk of obtaining HPV.

    Obtain vaccinated

    The HPV injection has actually been known as well as verified to be secure and also reliable. It has the capability to secure you against diseases, which includes cancers that was brought on by HPV when given in the suggested age groups.

    CDC or Centers for Disease Control as well as Avoidance encouraged 11 to 12 years of ages to obtain at least two dosages of HPV vaccines in order to safeguard them from cancers cells triggered by this infection.

    Get evaluated for cervical cancer

    Normal screening for women from ages in between 21 to 65 years of ages could in fact aid in order to stop cervical cancer.

    If you are sexually energetic

    You need to constantly make use of latex condoms every single time that you ready to have a sexual intercourse. This could really aid in lowering your risk of acquiring HPV. Nevertheless, HPV could still infect the areas that are not covered by the condom.

    Consequently, prophylactics could not completely secure you versus HPV, yet it might in some way aid you.

    Be part in an equally monogamous relationship or have an intercourse only with those people who just have sex with you. Be loyal to your partner and do not have sex with a stranger or anybody that you simply satisfied somewhere else.

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    A Grass Called Paragis That Can Fight Off Many Kinds Of Diseases You Probably Did Not Know

    This is a kind of grass that can actually treat a lot of viral diseases around the world.

    Grass has been considered as herbage that is appropriate or used for feeding animals but it has never been used as a treatment for any kind of disease. Recently, a grass which is known as Paragis became viral due to its unending health benefits.

    Fortunately, we have this type of plant here in the Philippines and it can also be found in some other tropical countries. A lot of people have testified and proved the wonder of this grass in curing many diseases.

    In Africa, Paragis has been used as a natural way of curing different types of illnesses. In Porac, Pampanga, the tribe of Aeta has been using it as an insect repellant.

    Paragis is proven to have protein and its leaves contain silicon monoxide, calcium oxide and even chlorine compounds. It is also known to have a lot of properties just like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antidiabetic, antihistamine, as well as natural diuretic and cytotoxic properties. Its stem, roots and leaves are usually used as herbal medicine by boiling it.

    Paragis has the ability treat the following diseases:

    1. Cancer- Its antioxidants can actually prevent the growth of cancer cells inside the body.
    2. Ovarian Cyst and Myoma- It can be treated with the help of Paragis tea.
    3. Kidney Issues- Paragis has the ability to elevate the amount of water in the body, as well as to get rid of the salt as urine due to its diuretic property.
    4. Arthritis- Simply applies the heated leaves of it with scraped coconut on the affected areas.
    5. Diabetes- Paragis contains antidiabetic properties. Just consume its tea on a regular basis.
    6. Wound Bleeding- It can actually prevent wound bleeding by applying the mixture on the affected area.
    7. Parasites- It contains laxative properties that can actually battle against parasites in the body.
    8. UTI- Consume boiled leaves of this plant in order to treat UTI.
    9. High Blood Pressure- Its boiled leaves and stem can actually assists in balancing and lowering the risk of hypertension.
    10. Fever- Consuming boiled roots of Paragis has the ability to reduce the fever.
    11. Sprain- Just apply crushed leaves of Paragis on the affected area.
    12. Dandruff- Combine the crushed leaves and stem of Paragis on coconut oil. Use it as a shampoo. It can also be used for hair growth and prevent hair falling.
    13. Dysentery- Consuming boiled roots of Paragis assist in treating gastroenteritis which is known to be diarrhea with blood.

    Paragis has the ability to cure health problems which includes asthma, epilepsy, malaria, infertility in women, both bladder and liver issues, as well as hemoptysis and jaundice.

    You will not need an expensive medication anymore. Just simply try all of the natural and effective way of treatment by consuming Paragis.

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    The Watermelon Can Be a Medicine. Read More on How to Use It That Way…

    What a better way to enjoy a summer day, than with the refreshing watermelon? Without a doubt, there is nothing more refreshing than biting a juicy wedge of watermelon on a hot day.

    However, it turns out that not only quenches your thirst, but watermelon offers a wide plethora of health benefits, too. For one thing, it alleviates muscle pain and soreness after workout due to its L-citrulline content, an amino acid that reduces fatigue and improves endurance for aerobic and anaerobic exercise.  It is found in highest concentrations in watermelons, with 120 g- serving offering 150 mg of this acid.

    One Japanese study studied the effect of citrulline supplementation on fatigue and performance during high-intensity exercise. With the aim of the study, mice were subjected to a swimming exercise protocol and had their exhaustion, glycogen content of the gastrocnemius and biceps femoris muscles, and blood levels of ammonia and lactate measured.  It was found that citrulline supplementation notably increased the swimming time and endurance.

    Watermelons are also an excellent source of vitamins A, B6, and C, which improve the functions of the kidneys and keep blood pressure levels in check.  Despite its robust nutritional profile, watermelon contains almost no calories.

    The watermelon seeds are highly beneficial as well and have been traditionally used to treat kidney stones. For that purpose, crush four seeds and boil them with two liters water.  Drink the solution once it cools down.

    Being mostly water, watermelon is ideal for cleansing and detoxifying the body.  Amazingly, it works well when it comes to treating mental disorders, anxiety, and stress,  due to the fact that it is packed with nutrients like nitric acid, manganese, malic acid, iodine, calcium, fiber, beta-carotene, and many more. These nutrients contribute to watermelon`s beneficial impact on health, so let`s explore more details of the benefits below:

    1. Kidney Disorders

    As already discussed, watermelon has been long used to treat kidney disorders like kidney stones.  Its potassium content flushes out toxic matter in the kidneys, reduces the concentration of uric acid, and lowers the risk of formation of renal calculi.  Being high in water, it promotes frequent urinating and detoxification of the kidneys.

    2. Prevents Heat Stroke

    Watermelon helps reduce both blood pressure and body temperature. Its high water content promotes a release of excess liquid, which in turn cools the body on a hot, summer day.  People living in tropical regions eat this fruit on a regular basis to prevent a heat stroke.

    3. High Blood Pressure

    Potassium and magnesium in watermelons help lower blood pressure by releasing tension of arteries , stimulating blood flow, and reducing the stress put on the cardiovascular system.

    4. Diabetes

    Watermelons are good supplement for diabetics as they are low in calories and sugar, but packed with water. In addition, nutrients like magnesium and potassium promote proper functioning of the insulin, hence lowering blood sugar levels.

    5. Prevents Cancer

    Watermelons contain lycopene, a phytonutrient which is being associated with cancer prevention. Multiple studies have shown that it helps protect against prostate, lung, endometrial, breast, and colon cancer.   As an added bonus, the powerful antioxidant potential of vitamin C also makes them an amazing anti-cancer fruit.

    6. Impotence

    Arginine, a compound in watermelon, has been found to boost libido, reduce frigidity, and treat erectile dysfunction.

    7. Macular Degeneration

    Being packed with nutrients like lutein,  zeaxanthin, vitamin C, and beta-carotene,  watermelon offers optimal eye protection.  It protects against age-related degeneration, blindness,  glaucoma, and drying up of eyes and optical nerves.

    Other benefits: Watermelon also prevents and treats acne, anemia, asthma, skin conditions and burns, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, headaches, arthritis, and more.  The best thing about it is that it is highly versatile, and it can be enjoyed fresh, added to smoothies, and fruit juices, or combined in desserts.

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    More Than A Million Kids In America Are Taking Psychiatric Drugs

    In the USA, one out of every six Americans is using some type of psychiatric medication. Since there are really serious side effects and they are not really effective, the situation is concerning.

    The most disturbing aspect of this “trend” is the huge number of kids who are consuming such medications. Citizens Commission on Human Rights is attracting attention to the fact that a million children under the age of 6 are consuming drugs.

    About half of these kids are at the age of four or five, and 274,804 of them are younger than one year. Right, babies consume psychiatric medications. The number is higher in kids at the age of two or three, 370,778 children take the same drugs.

    According to IMS Health, as children get older, the situation becomes worse. 4,130,340 children at the age of six to twelve use some type of psychiatric medication.

    You may think that a big number of these children are taking ADHD drugs, but in fact, only 1,422 children younger than one year, and more than 181,000 children from four to five are taking that type of drugs.

    As it appears, anti-anxiety drugs s the type of drugs that are given to kids mostly. More than 227,132 babies and almost 248,000 kids from four to five consume this type of drugs.

    It is scarier that experts say the numbers of kids taking drugs are much higher as a result of doctors who prescribe drugs for “off-label” uses. Giving out a drug to treat a condition that is not indicated for has unknown effects.

    Giving Children Mind-Altering Medications

    Even though it may be -ill-advised, adults have a choice to take or not to take psychiatric drugs. On the hand, kids are not aware of the long-term impact, and they are usually forced to take the medications.

    The doctors may have a financial incentive, but why these kids’ parents accept to take the medications and give them to their kids. As a matter of fact, this type of drugs has become a normal way to live, so many see them as harmless.

    We should take the side-effects seriously because these antidepressants, antipsychotic, and antianxiety medications are associated with suicidal ideation, mania, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, psychosis, and even death.

    Also, many of the public shootings in the last years have been done by youngsters who were using such medications. So, not only they can pass away because of the medications, they can take other people’s lives as well.

    These psychiatric drugs have an impact a kid’s brain chemistry, and may also affect their development. So parents and doctors should think of drugs as the last chance.

    As kids start to understand the world and how it functions, some level of anxiety is okay. Children who can learn how to deal with ups and downs that life has, develop skills that will help them through life.

    Yoga, breathing exercises, physical exercises, art therapy are just several ways that can help kids who deal with anxiety and depression, and those with ADHD. So, we need to raise the awareness.

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    How to Tell the Difference Between Stroke, Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest and Save a Life

    There are crucial differences between a heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest. Did you know that? By being aware of these differences, you can save the life of your loved ones and your life as well.

    But in order to understand the differences, first, it is vital to know the basics of cardiac attack, stroke and heart attack.

    Basics Of Heart Attack, Cardiac Attack, and Stroke

    First, you should know that heart attack and stroke happen because of blockage of the flow of blood. When the heart attack occurs, the blood can’t get to the heart. And during a stroke, the blood can’t get to the brain.

    Usually, a stroke occurs as a result of burst blood vessel or clogged blood vessel. On the other hand, usually, a heart attack occurs due to a blood clot. Furthermore, there is a difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest.

    But, bear in mind that a heart attack might cause a cardiac arrest. According to American Heart Association, the term cardiac arrest is used in order to portray when the heart unexpectedly or suddenly stops beating.

    When this happens, the blood can’t get to the brain and other organs in the body. When cardiac arrest occurs, the person loses consciousness and therefore it is vital for this person to be treated immediately otherwise he/she will die.

    What You Should Do In Case of Emergency

    In case someone unexpectedly and suddenly collapses, it is important to call 911 right away. Also, you must do CPR until help arrives.

    The American Heart Association notes that in these cases it is crucial to do Hands-Only CPR. The best way to do it is based on the disco beat of the popular song “Stayin’Alive.”

    But by calling 911 immediately and doing CPR, you can double the chances of survival for that person.

    Signs of Heart Attack

    If you know the signs of heart attack, you can react right away. Common symptoms of heart attack are tight ache, discomfort, pressure, sensation or squeezing in the arm, chest, shoulders, and back.

    Also, other signs of heart attack are anxiety, sweating, lightheadedness, and shortness of breath. You should know that women are more likely to experience signs other than those of the chest, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and pain in the neck and jaw.

    In case you have these symptoms, or someone else has them for more than five minutes, what you should do is call 911 immediately.

    Stroke and Its 3 Main Signs

    In order to prevent stroke, there are three signs you should remember. In order to remember these symptoms all you need to remember is the abbreviation “FAST.”

    This abbreviation explains each symptom and what you should do. “FAST” – F means Face dropping; A means Arm weakness, S means Speech difficulty, and T means time to call the ambulance.

    When someone is having a stroke, usually one hand is weak or numb, one part of the face drops, or it is numb, and the speech is slurred.

    If you or someone you know is having a stroke remember this abbreviation and that is time for “T” – time to call the ambulance.

    Another important thing you should do is to look at the time. Why? Because you need to estimate the time around which the signs started. Next, you need to share this information with the medical professional when you call 911.

    In case of stroke, don’t waste your time and call 911. In such emergencies time is essential.

    Signs of Cardiac Arrest

    The symptoms of cardiac arrest are instant and drastic. The signs are no breathing, sudden collapse, loss of consciousness and no pulse.

    In particular cases, other signs and symptoms may precede the sudden cardiac arrest. Such symptoms are chest pain, dizziness, vomiting, shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, weakness, blackouts, and fainting.

    But you should also know that the sudden cardiac arrest may happen without any warning.

    Risk Factors for Cardiac Arrest, Stroke and Heart Attack

    The risk of cardiac arrest, stroke and heart attack is actually higher in those people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and those who maintain a sedentary lifestyle and smoke a lot.

    Although all people should know the symptoms of heart attack, cardiac arrest, and stroke, the people above mentioned must pay special attention to these symptoms.

    Remember This

    If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the signs and symptoms above mentioned it is vital to call 911 immediately. If you found yourself in such situation the best way to deal with it is to call help as soon as possible.

    By knowing the signs and symptoms, you will know what is really going on and that it is an emergency. Do your best to remember these signs and symptoms and save your life or the life of your loved ones.

    By knowing this, you can become someone’s hero.

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    10 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits That You Must Avoid

    According to recent research, there are 10 biggest brain damaging habits that people are doing nowadays.

    The brain is one of the most crucial parts of your body as it manages all the functions in your body. It is the most significant organ in your body that is positioned in your head. It serves as the primary control center of the body. It controls multiple functions in your body, performs tasks, carries responsibilities and stores lots of various pieces of information. It sends outputs to your muscles after receiving inputs from your sensory organs in the body.

    The brain has a delicate structure thus you need to be extra careful about it. Your bad habits and other issues quickly damage it and lead you to face several complications and many health concerns.

    1. Skipping Breakfast:

    Everybody knows that breakfast is one of the essential meals of the day. It is the only breakfast that completely fulfills the needs of your body to develop thoroughly. Still, lots of people do not eat their breakfast on their regular basis.

    After having the whole fast night, your brains and body need to refuel to perform daily chores suitably. But when you do not go for breakfast, your brain does not get sufficient nutrition. If you usually skip your first meal in the morning, you will face brain degeneration over time.

    2. Sleeping Distress:

    If you are suffering from sleeping trouble for an extended period, there is a higher risk of damaging brain cells. It is the sleep that delivers you proper rest and renovates your body after dealing with the anxiety or stress during the day. Thus, you should include sleep in the list of your priorities.

    3. Consuming High Amount of Sugar:

    It is a fact that the sugar has become reduced from all the supplements we eat or drink every day. However, sugar is not a bad thing for your health, but if you take a high amount of sugar, it can affect your body health badly. If you ignore sugar intake, you can notice amazing positives to your overall health.

    Consuming higher amount of sugar restricts your body to absorb essential nutrients. As a result, it makes you face the problem of malnutrition, weakness, etc. Besides your physical illness, you will be suffering from lots of brain disorders. In such cases, you feel uncomfortable all the time.

    4. Overeating:

    When you eat more than that you need, several miserable problems takes place such as damage to self-esteem, having to bloat, and excess fat store in your body. Alternatively, it lessens your mental ability and makes your arteries harder in the brain. Thus, you are unable to deal with your daily tasks correctly and feel failure all the time.

    There is a quite range of foods that are good for your overall brain function and improve memory. Prefer to eat many times instead of eating much at a time.

    5. Smoking:

    It is one of the leading factors that more than half population all over the globe is suffering from. Everybody knows its side effects still they burn many or more than two cigarettes in a day. This most detrimental habit disturbs your mental as well as physical wellness. Thus, it is known as the first step that you should take to maintain or enhance your brain health. This primary and decisive step will help you with healthy brain functioning even into old age.

    If you smoke on a regular basis, then you are more likely to be trapped by multiple brain shrinkage. Besides these side effects, it encourages diseases associated with dementia such as Alzheimer’s diseases.

    6. Covering Head During Sleep:

    This habit sound weird, but it is a bad habit that convulses brain power. As your brain does not stop working during you are asleep thus, you have to be careful to get quality sleep at least for your brain.

    This practice can restrict your intake of oxygen in the night while sleeping. As a result, they feel some air deprivation or light-headedness. In added to, you are at risk of inhaling a significant amount of carbon dioxide. All these sleeplessness factors affect your brains and make you experience miserable health conditions.

    7. Air Pollution:

    It is not an easy task to cover up your face with a mask all the time during the whole day. But you have to do if you want to help yourself with this issues of air pollution. As you know, your brain requires an extremely high amount of oxygen to perform the functions correctly. Therefore, the air pollution makes you inhale polluted air continuously, and as a result, it reduces the proper supply of oxygen. It affects the efficacy of your brain and makes it ill.

    Moreover, it would not let your brain develop properly and reduce your intelligence up to a great level. It leads you face major concerns like leaky blood-brain barriers, vasculature damage, and many more.

    8. Working your Brain During illness:

    Obviously, everyone is busy in their schedule and have lack of time, and people rush constantly. Most of the people prefer to work instead of having a proper rest even when they are sick.
    If you are sick, then it is an indication for you to have slowed down a bit and your body, as well as your brain, critically needs a break. So, if you are pushing yourself through sickness, it can decrease your brain efficacy and can cause many damages.

    9. Not talking too Much:

    Talking helps your brain to grow and develop in an appropriate manner. So, you should usually go for intellectual conversations so that your brain can boost its functionality, stretch and strengthen it to a great extent.

    A recent study shows that the more you will talk to your children, the more intelligent they will be. Also, you can help them to think more by asking different kinds of questions so that your child can have good mental health and sharp memory.

    10. Not Having Refreshing Thoughts:

    Thinking is the proven way that helps your brain to be healthy. It immensely expands your brain and its power or ability. Also, it effectively promotes your brain functions as well. Thus, thinking positively is consider as the leading factor that welcomes different and new pathways in your mind.

    The neuroplasticity or brain malleability makes you sure that your brain will either shrink and your unwillingness and lessen efforts will makes your abilities and skills invisible entirely, or you will be successful to promote your mind.

    After studying this stuff, you are aware now that your brain is an indeed a remarkable tool. Thus, you should try more and more to learn how to develop your brain further. Such things can make you experience miracles or something astonishing.

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    15 Surprising Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

    A simple bottle of rubbing alcohol can have so many uses. Many people have no idea what it can do.

    Also, it is important to know that there are two kinds of rubbing alcohol. One is ethyl alcohol which is made from 100% denatured ethanol.

    And the second one is isopropyl which is 70% alcohol. They are both unsafe to drink. Usually, people use the rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant. But, it can be used for much more.

    15 Amazing Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

    Here are the numerous ways you can use rubbing alcohol.

    1. Treat Cold Sores

    Using rubbing alcohol directly on the affected area can help treat the cold sores.

    2. Deodorize Sneakers

    To remove the terrible odor from your sneakers, use rubbing alcohol. Spray it on the inside of the shoes and let it dry overnight. Next morning, you can notice that the shoes smell nice.

    3. Treat Mosquito Bites

    If you are going somewhere where there are a lot of mosquitos, make sure to take rubbing alcohol with you.

    4. Remove Ticks

    It is important to get rid of ticks immediately. Apply some rubbing alcohol around the tick and take tweezers to get rid of the bug.

    Note: Make sure to consult a professional to help you remove the tick.

    5. Treat Sore Muscles

    If you have sore muscles, apply this remedy to the affected area and massage it gently. This way you can also treat painful joints.

    6. Remove Stains

    Stains can be extremely annoying. That is why you should use rubbing alcohol. In a bowl mix two parts water with one part rubbing alcohol.

    Mix everything well and transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. Next, spray it on stains and brush them off.

    7. Get Rid of Garlic Smell

    If your hands smell like garlic, rubbing alcohol is for you. Wash your hands with it or apply it with a cotton ball to remove the smell.

    8. Nail Polish Remover

    If you are out of nail polish remover, try to use rubbing alcohol. Even though it might take longer to erase the nail polish, it is still an effective way to get rid of the color.

    Simply apply it on a cotton ball and erase the nail polish.

    9. Sanitize Hands

    You won’t need to spend a ton of money on sanitizers when you have a perfect sanitizer at home. To make your own sanitizer, mix one part Aloe Vera with three parts rubbing alcohol. That’s it!

    10. Emergency Deodorant

    If you are out of deodorant and you need one immediately, you can use rubbing alcohol. Believe it or not, this incredible remedy can also be a great emergency deodorant.

    To make it, pour rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and 15 drops of any essential oil.

    Note: It is best to use an essential oil that is best suited for your skin. Try to use one that it won’t cause any skin irritations.

    Lastly, shake the bottle and use it as you would use any deodorant.

    Note: DO NOT use this product right after shaving. It is painful.

    11. Remove Bedbugs

    Fill up a spray bottle with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Next, spray the braiding of the mattress, box spring, and headboard. The rubbing alcohol can destroy the bugs and leave the mattress sparkly clean.

    Note: Before you go to sleep, make sure to ventilate the room so that the alcohol will dry off.

    12. Dissolve Frost on the Windshield

    Everyone hates scraping off the frost on the windshield. We have to waste our time in the cold to clean that annoying frost. Well, no more! This trick can help you dissolve the frost in a few minutes.

    All you have to do is spray rubbing alcohol on the glass and watch the problem go away.

    13. Fix Broken Eyeshadow

    Eyeshadows are expensive. That is why it is not easy to get new ones when we break them. So, when that happens, it is a good idea to use some rubbing alcohol and fix your eyeshadow.

    To do it, fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and use a tiny amount of it in the broken eyeshadow. Next, take a spoon and even out the edges by pressing the eyeshadow with the oval side of the spoon.

    Lastly, let it harden again for a few hours, and your eyeshadow will look good as new.

    14. Clean Your Glasses

    Spray some rubbing alcohol on your glasses and wipe it with a soft cloth.

    15. Get Rid of Fruit Flies

    The moment you see fruit flies, spray some rubbing alcohol and they will be gone.

    Have you used rubbing alcohol this way? Let us know!

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    What Happens When You Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet For A Week

    We are here to know what happens when you eliminate sugar from your diet. Majority of the people like to eat sugar just because of its sweet taste. Sugar is listed in the top addictive ingredients.

    Though, it is a potentially dangerous substance yet people prefer consuming it highly. “People are unaware about its side effects” can be a reason behind it. Actually, it leads you to have many serious illnesses. It is a fact that an addictive habit cannot leave quickly. But, you have to start quitting sugar gradually especially if you eat much higher amount than usual.

    For this, you have to know about its dangerous effects so that it can be a little bit easy for you to avoid sugar. Here are some astonishing benefits that you may notice if you stop eating sugar for a week.

    1. Reduce Diabetes Risk:

    Occurring type II diabetes is directly proportional to the eating sugar or sweet supplements. Eating sugar contribute to gain excess weight that makes more difficult to control diabetes. If you give an opportunity to the natural detox system of your body by quitting sugar, it works efficiently. Your pancreas produces lesser amount of insulin (if you are insulin resistant). Then your liver works on deposited toxins in your body. This procedure helps to cut down diabetes and wards off the symptoms entirely.

    2. Lose weight:

    Avoiding sugar for a week helps to burn excess fat deposit in your body. Sugar intakes increase the high amount of calories in your body and encourage fat storage. Besides, eating sugar makes you feel hungry frequently or more quickly. Thus, when you avoid sugar for a week, your hormones become active and send the proper signal to your body when you are full, or you have eaten enough. It prevents you from overeating, makes you feel less hungry and thus, your excess fat will burn efficiently without trying something hard.

    3. Makes you look younger:

    A significant amount of glycation produces in your body when you eat sugar. Because of the glycation, sugar molecules bind with the lipid or protein molecule that desolates the elastin as well as the collagen. Therefore, giving up the sugar for a week maintains the ample amount of the proteins (collagen and elastin) in your skin that leads you to have the youthful appearance. Besides, it helps to prevent chronic the acute inflammation because of aging.

    4. Prevents cold symptoms:

    Sugar lower the ability of your immune system to a great extent, and as a result, it leads you to face chronic inflammation. Besides, it restricts the ability of WBC (white blood cells) to inhibit the family of bacteria that are responsible for your ill health. Therefore, you will notice several positives after you give up eating sugar as you will be less likely to have asthma, allergies, sniffles and a variety of cold symptoms.

    5. Improve sexual ability:

    Most of the men observe their sexual ability or sex function and drive disturbed. Besides, it destructs the female sex hormones too. It happens because the insulin spikes drive pathways that cause the sexual disorder. Also, it not only promotes the risk of hair loss in women but also make them grow on the facial or unwanted part of your body. It interrupts their periods as well. Thus, cutting down on sugar helps you to get rid of such miserable conditions.

    6. Promote your smile:

    Sugar is one of the leading factors that cause cavities. This ingredient, sugar forms a high bond with the bacteria that habitat in your mouth. After the interaction, it processes an acid that damages your tooth. As you avoid eating sugar for a week, you will notice the immediate benefits. It prevents bad breath and improves the health of your smile simultaneously.

    7. You live for longer:

    Eating more sugar encourage more insulin to produce to compensate for it. It enhances the heart rate as well as blood pressure by activating your nervous system. Such factors lead you to have heart diseases, stroke, obesity, etc. Hence, if you cut back on sugar, there will be fewer chances to be trapped by any heart diseases, and you will live longer.

    8. Make you happy:

    A recent study suggests that people who eat foods rich in sugar or having the higher rate of glycemic level suffer from severe depression. Thus, sugar consumption is highly associated to have severe depression condition. It affects your brain function and causes acute and chronic inflammation. Accordingly, when you stop eating sugar even for a week, you realize the mood as well as fog lift.

    9. Raise your sleep:

    If you eat food (especially before bed) loaded with sugar, then it can obstruct your good night’s sleep. It often makes people experience night sweats and low blood pressure as well. Alternatively, it supercharges your hormones responsible for the stress and creates sleeping difficulty. Therefore, kicking your sugar habit proffers you a quality sleeping, and you sleep like a baby.

    10. Upgrade your memory power:

    if you take a diet that is enriched with added sugar, you have a higher risk of hampering your memory and learning power. One of the significant risks is that it can hinder communication among the cells of your brain. Therefore, avoiding sugar for a week helps to fight against mental fog and refine your memory bank. As a result, it adjusts your remembrance potential very efficiently.

    11. Prevent some types of cancer:

    Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases that can be prevented by avoiding sugar. Cancers cells are supplemented by the sugar that encourages the cancer growth. Also, sugar delivers a very friendly or acidic environment to the cancer cells just because of its pH level (6.4). Consuming sugar or sugar supplements contribute you to have the cancers of pancreas, prostate, breast, leukemia, lymphoma, bladder cancer, and many other varieties. Thus, if you want to stay away from such dreadful illness, you have to cut down on the sugar.

    Here are Some ther Effects that you can Feel after Quitting Sugar:

    • Improve your complexion
    • Refined your palate
    • Makes you feel energize all the time
    • Encourage to go for exercise
    • Maintain good cholesterol
    • Decrease joint pain and inflammation
    • Highly promotes your willpower
    • Improves immune system
    • Saves your money from spending for expensive sugar supplements.
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    Empty Your Bowels Quickly with This 2-Ingredient Mixture

    You can easily get affected by a stomachache, bloating, pain and discomfort if your bowel is emptied incompletely.

    For this situation the most important role is played by our diet, also the many other processes are affected by our diet, our bowel movements and digestion as well.

    So it is clear that your diet is the main thing that is supplying your body with the needed ingredients in order to function properly.

    Normally toxins and waste are accumulated in our bowels, and that is where they are eliminated, but if you have a poor digestive system, this waste and the toxins will stay inside, and therefore causing these unpleasant symptoms and health issues.

    The poor function of our digestive tract muscles can easily lead to an incomplete emptying of our bowels. But you shouldn’t worry or panic, because we have found a natural way to clean your bowels and improve the function of your digestive system, as well as support it.

    In order to get rid of the toxins and waste that is accumulated in the bowel, therefore avoiding and preventing from numerous health diseases and issues, you need to do a complete bowel cleaning twice.

    How to prepare it:


    • 5 cups boiling water
    • 150 grams of dates
    • 150 grams of plums


    Put the water in a pot and put it on heat. When it starts to boil add the plums and the dates inside. Then simmer them for about 15 minutes, and then you can turn off the heat. Let them cool inside the water.

    When you wake up in the morning, consume only one tablespoon of this natural remedy. This will treat constipation, help with the digestion, detox your body and most importantly, it will empty your bowels.

    Experience the amazing effects of the natural remedy by consuming a single tablespoon on daily basis in a very short period of time!

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    Take Your Daily Apple Cider Vinegar Shot as a Gummy!

    Did you know that apple cider vinegar is one of the most versatile ingredients known to mankind?

    For centuries, it has been used for a wide range of cooking and household purposes.

    More importantly, it is an ancient folk remedy, claimed to treat countless health ailments.  Here are some of its benefits:

    • It helps the body maintain a healthy alkaline pH level: The acid-alkaline balance is critical, as most bodily functions occur at certain level of alkalinity or acidity.
    • Drinking apple cider vinegar helps to regulate blood sugar levels: It has been scientifically shown that regular consumption of ACV before meals increases satiety and reduces postprandial glycemia, both of which benefit those who struggle with prediabetes and diabetes.
    • Drinking apple cider vinegar can help lower blood pressure: Multiple studies show that apple cider vinegar helps lower blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease.
    • Drinking apple cider vinegar improves heart health: Besides its ability to lower blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease, drinking ACV can help increase HDL, or “good” cholesterol, according to a 2006 study reported in Medscape General Medicine.
    • It promotes healthy detoxification of the liver and other organs: It has been scientifically shown that apple cider helps detox the liver and stimulate circulation.
    • Drinking apple cider vinegar eliminates candida overgrowth: Being high in natural enzymes, apple cider vinegar helps eliminate candida in the body.
    • Drinking apple cider vinegar eases digestive ailments: Thanks to its ability to stimulate digestive juices and break down food, it helps treat heartburn, gas, bloating, and indigestion.
    • Drinking apple cider vinegar promotes weight loss: According to a study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, participants who consumed ACV for 12 weeks managed to achieve significant declines in body weight as well as abdominal fat, waist circumference, and triglycerides.

    If apple cider vinegar is difficult for you to swallow, you can prepare these apple cider vinegar gummies for a treat and reap the same benefits. To make them, you will need apple cider vinegar, apple juice, grass-fed gelatin, and water. The apple juice reduces the bitterness of apple cider, creating a balanced flavor.

    Begin by mixing the liquid ingredients in a large skillet. Add the gelatin powder and mix, allowing it to hydrate for a few minutes. Switch the heat to medium-low and simmer, stirring with a wooden spoon until the gelatin fully dissolves.

    Transfer the mixture into ice cube trays and refrigerate for an hour before serving.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

    Total Time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

    Preparation time: 5 Minutes

    Cook Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

    Serves: 24


    • 1 ½ cups organic apple juice
    • ½ cup apple cider vinegar
    • ½ cup water
    • 5 tablespoons gelatin powder


    • Large saucepan
    • Wooden spoon
    • Silicone ice cube trays or molds


    • Combine the liquid ingredients in a large saucepan.
    • Sprinkle the gelatin powder and let it hydrate for a few minutes
    • Stir well with a wooden spoon for until the gelatin is fully dissolved
    • Pour into ice cube trays and refrigerate
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    How to Wash Your Face and Say Goodbye to Saggy Facial Skin and Wrinkles

    A glowing, smooth and healthy skin is always good and a trend, therefore everybody desires that complexion, or a face with no clogged pores, wrinkles, blackheads or acne.

    But the commercial products that we use for skin care in fact are full of chemicals that are harmful, and that can cause many health issues, and what’s even worse is that they cost a lot of money.

    But we also have some products that are naturally and homemade, and are considered to be natural remedies that can help us.

    In this article we would like to show you some of these products, also we will give you a recipe of a natural skin cream that will prevent from wrinkles and slow down the aging process, as well as cleanse and detox our skin. Also this cream contains a lot of antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    The ingredients are quite simple, baking soda and coconut oil, and both of these are very beneficial for our skin. The coconut oil has the ability to moisturize our skin, cleanse it, soothe it, and clear our pores, and it provides antimicrobial effects as well.

    The baking soda however, is able to treat acne, pimples regulate our pH levels of our skin, improves the complexion of our skin and soothe sunburns as well.

    How to prepare this powerful natural cream:


    • 1 tablespoon of aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate
    • 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil


    Put all of the ingredients together and mix them well, then apply the mixture directly on your face and gently massage in circular motions. Let the cream to act for about 5 minutes, then use lukewarm water to rinse it. Also when you are cleaning your face massage once more.

    Do this therapy three times on weekly basis for one month, then you will see the results, your skin will be free of wrinkles, and it will be firm and soft again!

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    These Are The Suprising Health Benefits of Eating Chicken Feet You Should Know

    For some Filipinos, the best part of consuming a chicken is in its feet. It is a lot tastier and more delicious when it has been brought from the street because it is considered as street food.

    It doesn’t only taste good but it also provides a lot of health benefits for the body, as well.

    Here are some of the benefits if eating chicken feet for the body:

    • It quickens the healing of the wounds
    • It makes the immune system stronger
    • It elevates the strength of the joins and fragile bones
    • It helps in making the gums healthier
    • It assists in maintaining the health of the nails
    • It lowers the blood pressure
    • It aids in maintaining the balance of the hormones
    • It overcomes digestive issues
    • It helps in making you look younger
    • It has the ability to rejuvenate the skin
    • It can also reduce stress

    One of the amazing health benefits of chicken feet is due to its collagen. In a study that has been conducted by the Faculty of Veterinary Science Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan, has revealed that the chicken claw contains a high amount of collagen. The levels of collagen that can be found in feet of the chicken are just the same that can be seen in green leafy vegetables and fruits.

    Collagen is one of the certain substances that are needed in order to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Collagen is beneficial for maintain a healthy skin and it also forms elastic skin because it supports a faster transformation of dead skin into a new one.

    Collagen also assists the body in absorbing calcium and proteins which makes the body healthier. It has the ability to elevate the production of red blood cells due to its ability in making the structure of blood vessels stronger. Collagen also aids the body in losing weight by raising the body’s metabolism of fat.

    Additionally, it can also make the structure of the bone a lot stronger, as well as to prevent diseases of bone fragility.

    One of the health benefits of eating chicken feet is to maintain the health of the joints and lower the risk of having brittle bones. Joint issues and brittle bones commonly happen in the older people. It happens because the body doesn’t have enough ability to absorb calcium properly.

    Therefore, consuming chicken feet while you are young will make a great difference sooner.

    Chicken feet are composed of skin, tendons and bone. It is packed with protein, calcium, cartilage and even collagen that can be effortlessly absorbed by the body.

    Nutrition is extremely important in order to make the structure of the bone stronger, as well as to prevent bone loss in elderly.

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