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  • Do Fried Potatoes Really Increase the Risk of Premature Death?

    There is a new study about the effect fried potatoes have on people. The researchers made this on 4,400 people that were from 45 to 79 years old. These people ate French fries, potato chips, and hash browns for 2 or more times on a weekly basis over the course of 8 years. They came […] More

  • How to Obtain Enough Iron Without Eating Meat

    Iron seems to be the main concerns of all vegetarians, whether they intake sufficient amount in their diets for 1 day or not. For adults, the recommended daily dosage of iron is between 8 and 27mg, according to The National Institutes of Health. Adult men shouldn’t worry about the amount of iron consisted in their […] More

  • 9 Kinds of Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

    Everyone knows that fish are a nutritious and delicious food and should be a part of our diet. However, not all fish are equal – although some are beneficial for our health, others can harm it. Here are 9 popular types of fish you shouldn’t eat: Imported catfish As you probably already know, catfish can […] More

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    These Things Happen to Your Body When You Eat Oatmeal Every Day

    We all know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, however, if you consume oatmeal for breakfast, even better. Oatmeal offers a lot of health benefits. Actually, people have harvested and used oats as natural medicine and food for quite a while. It is a great alternative medicine for skin conditions, urine […] More

  • 5 Foods You Should Avoid to Prevent a Heart Attack

    Heart disease is unfortunately one of the primary causes for an untimely death, and not just here in the U.S. either. There are a number of factors which can increase one’s risk, and obesity is definitely one of them. Not getting enough physical activity throughout your day definitely increases your chances for developing a heart […] More

  • 8 Reasons Why You Should Consume Papaya Seeds More Often!

    Papaya is a delicious and very healthy fruit. It originates from Central America and Mexico. But, you should know that papaya seeds are also very beneficial. That’s why we present you the health benefits from the seeds of papaya. 8 health benefits of papaya seeds: Papaya seeds contain nutrients. They are good for detoxification and […] More

  • The 10 Healthiest Fruits on the Planet You Should Be Eating Every Day

    The wide healthy palette of both vegetables and fruits offers loads of nutritional benefits without which neither our bodies nor our minds could survive without for more than a year or two at best. Here is a list for you, dear readers, with 10 of the healthiest fruits which Mother Earth has been kind enough […] More

  • 13 Delicious Foods That You Can Eat a Lot and Still Not Gain Weight

    We are all afraid of gaining weight and we take care what we eat and how much we eat. But, there are some foods which you can consume in unlimited amounts, without gaining weight. It sounds awesome, right? You have to include high-fiber foods in your daily diet, because they increase your metabolism, boost your […] More

  • This Is Why You Should Avoid The Most Popular Ketchup Ever

    Not many of us have a tendency to read the labels of the products before buying them. Despite the fact that companies list the ingredients on the product labels. Companies are obligated to declare every single ingredient on the label according to their quantity from the most to the least present one. Generally speaking, the […] More

  • The truth about M&M And Why You Should Never Put Them in Your Mouth Ever Again

    We can all agree that they are a delicious cute little chocolate piece of heaven, but are they healthy? No, they are far from healthy chocolate snacks. Many people who are aware of this fact, have already signed a petition urging the producers of M&M’s to use their $27.4 million profit to make their product […] More

  • Foods That Lead To Colon Cancer

    One of the most popular food additives which are used in everything from jams to ice creams is now linked to colon cancer. Actually, emulsifiers are added to most processed foods because they improve food texture and prolong its shelf life. Unfortunately, it also throws off healthy levels of intestinal bacteria, causing chronic, low-level inflammation […] More

  • What and when to eat after exercise ?

    There is a big misconception among people that they should not eat immediately after they finished with their exercises. That however, is simply wrong, because it is in fact, better if you eat immediately after your workout because if you wait for too long, your body will store the food that you eat as fat, […] More

  • Top 10 healthy ingredients to add to your next salad

    If you are sick of the same old salads every day, it is definitely the time to get creative with your ingredients and switch things up. You can transform your boring bowl into a super salad, just by adding some of the ingredients that we are going to talk about today. Hemp seeds Hemps seeds […] More

  • Four nutrition myths and how to improve your metabolism

    If you are trying so hard to lose weight and the results are not visible, it is possible that you are making the mistakes that we are going to talk about today. Late night meals will increase your weight This is definitely one of the biggest myths out there. Our body does not store more […] More