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  • More Than A Million Kids In America Are Taking Psychiatric Drugs

    In the USA, one out of every six Americans is using some type of psychiatric medication. Since there are really serious side effects and they are not really effective, the situation is concerning. The most disturbing aspect of this “trend” is the huge number of kids who are consuming such medications. Citizens Commission on Human […] More

  • 15 Surprising Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

    A simple bottle of rubbing alcohol can have so many uses. Many people have no idea what it can do. Also, it is important to know that there are two kinds of rubbing alcohol. One is ethyl alcohol which is made from 100% denatured ethanol. And the second one is isopropyl which is 70% alcohol. […] More

  • Here’s How To Dehydrate Fruits At Home!

    Dried fruits are delicious and healthy, particularly if they are grown in your own home. They are a wonderful choice for snack or dessert because they supply us with energy, and are easy to make—the way to make dried fruit is by using a homemade solar clothes dryer or an oven. Dried fruit is easy […] More

  • Toxic Behaviors That Parents Are Unaware Of!

    Kids are without a doubt are a blessing, however we can all confess that every now and then it does not seem that way. They can be intolerable and can make you lose your mind– in some cases kids are careless, rude and noisy, and it does not matter what you are going to say […] More

  • Rosemary Protects Against Cell Phone Radiation!

    It is a popular fact that the use of mobile phones endangers us to dangerous levels of radiation. However, not a lot of us realize about the threats linked with such huge levels of radiation. Being exposed to radiation for a long time can lead to getting cancer, having a depleted immune system, and DNA […] More

  • Home Remedies For A Sprained Ankle! Here’s What You Need To Do!

    Ankle strains and ligament sprains are way more usual than we know of. They happen because of simple faux pas and may be induced from everyday physical actions. Sprains are characterized as incomplete structural damage inside the fibers of one ligament. A lot of people cannot tell the dissimilarity between an ankle dislocation, twist and […] More

  • Fibromyalgia Mystery Finally Solved! Researchers Find Main Source Of Pain In Blood Vessels!

    Fibromyalgia, which is among the most commonly occurring pain-associated conditions in the US, is affecting more than 10 million Americans. Up to 75 percent of them are women and the illness is generally passed on to their children. Even though fibromyalgia is at the moment regarded as incurable, treatments for relieving the pains do exist. […] More

  • Make This Delicious Smoothie To Reduce Inflammation And Detox Your Body!

    Smoothies have turned into an extremely popular beverage during the last five years. They are certainly a much healthier meal compared to the usual snacks. The best thing is that they are extremely health beneficial. What you should do is use some good ingredients and you prepare you vitamin bomb. Therefore, we are going to […] More

  • 8 Side Effects Of Air Conditioning You Should Watch Out For

    If you need the air conditioner set to “just right” all day long, know that there are damaging effects to reckon with. These can range from annoying to potentially risky. Look out for headaches, lethargy, dehydration, and allergies. Air-conditioned spaces may also cause upper respiratory problems or even spread infections like Legionnaires’ disease. When the […] More

  • If You’vе Evеr Woken Up At Night Unablе To Move, Hеre’s What It Means. According to sciеnce…

    Slееp paralysis is a fееling of bеing conscious, but unablе to movе. It occurs whеn a pеrson passеs bеtwееn stagеs of wakеfulnеss and slееp. Of all thе wеird sеnsations that onе can еxpеriеncе, pеrhaps thеrе is nothing strangеr than not bеing ablе to movе; morе spеcifically, not bеing ablе to movе whilе bеing consciously awarе […] More

  • Frankincense for the Mind, Body, and Soul

    Frankincense is a part of many religious and cultural ceremonies. It is made from resin from the Boswellia tree. This resin is then made into incense and oils and used as a relaxer. Also, some ancient texts claim that Frankincense has some mystical powers. As a result, many various spiritual practices around the world, still […] More

  • This Is What The Position Of Birthmark On Your Body Means For You

    Birthmarks are blemishes on the skin that are noticeable at birth, or shortly afterwards. Almost everyone has a birthmark at some position on their body. They can appear light or dark and also vary in size too. In different cultures, there are a number of beliefs based on folklore and superstition related to birthmarks. A […] More

  • 8 Warning Signs From Your Intuition You Should Never Ever Choose To Ignore

    There’s one invisible, yet extremely remarkable gift every human on Earth has. Still, not all of us has reached that certain state of awareness to consciously use it for their benefit. It’s called intuition. That sixth sense everyone’s been talking about. The almighty, gut feeling. Have you ever had a random thought about a friend, […] More

  • How To Clean Your Home From Negative Energy Using Only 4 Simple Ingredients

    You may not be aware of the amount of negative energy that is in your home. You might not think about it, but you feel this energy as it represents itself in many negative ways that can be harmful to your well-being. When there is a lot of negative energy in your home, you are […] More

  • Here’s Why You Get Leg Cramps At Night And How To Prevent Them

    Leg cramps. I am sure everyone has experienced the unpleasantly painful feeling when you are falling asleep and suddenly the muscles of your calf become tight, hard, and painful. NLC, or nocturnal leg cramps, are leg pains which appear during the night and can be so intense that they cause the person to suddenly wake […] More

  • Experts Reveal What Sitting Too Long Does To Your Body

    We live in a world where the human labor is being replaced by machines. Because of this, many people all around the world have office jobs which tie them on a chair for more than 8 hours a day. But, how safe is that for our health? And while technology has many benefits, allowing us […] More

  • If You Put A Clothespin On Your Earlobe For 5 Seconds, This Is The Incredible Effect!

    These days, people are constantly under pressure and that is the reason why they are stressed the entire time. Well, this is not supposed to be a problem anymore as Richard Randig, a board certified reflexologist, claims you can forget about the full body massage and choose ear reflexology. It is quite simple, all you […] More