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  • Here Is What Happens to Your Body When You Are Overstressed!

    Stress is the most dangerous and most ubiquitous health epidemic on the planet. A human being biologically experiences stress as a means of self-preservation. Basically, nobody thinks about stress much. People also tend to categorize disease and stress as 2 different things. But, they aren’t. It goes without saying that chronic stress can have a […] More

  • What lips can tell about woman character

    The Japanese proverb says that the lips are no less eloquent than the eyes. This was also mentioned by Aristotle, who saw the relationship between the shape of the lips and the inner energy of a person. For example, in Ancient Greece, people used physiognomy – a method of describing the personality and qualities of […] More

  • How a lack of sleep affects sex life, weight and intelligence

    Some people do not have time for enough sleep while others go to bed early without being able to fall asleep. But in truth, both of these examples are harmful. When you deny yourself sleep (or sleep leaves you), it is, believe us, is not good for your body. Yes, you work for a long […] More

  • How to do a breast self-exam

    Breast self-exam is a technique, used to inspect your breast tissue and detect any abnormalities in its structure. For a long time, this method was recommended as a part of a screening program. But nowadays we have more effective tests like mammography. That’s why the majority of medical organizations now deem self-examination optional procedure. However […] More

  • 6 interesting facts about the tongue

    The human body has many organs. Each of these organs performs its important function for the body. However, not all of you pay attention to this and how can any of your organ change. You should know that this is important, because your health and general condition depend on the functioning of your organs. For […] More

  • Discover what a corresponding butterfly of the birth month says about a person

    Butterflies are a symbol of hope and change all over the world. Butterflies are a symbol of love and happiness. They are the symbol of life. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures of nature. They symbolize a new beginning, reincarnation, hope and change. There are 12 months in the year, and they, naturally, […] More

  • 8 reasons why men are in no hurry to get married

    Almost every woman plans her wedding day starting with her childhood, but when you get into a real relationship, you start to realize how different the reality actually is. The thing is that f women cannot help but daydream about the wedding day – men are quite the opposite. Very often, it happens so that […] More

  • How the birth month influences every woman’s personality

    The desire to look into a book of fate of sorts, or different types of horoscopes, is well-justified, since we’re always eager to get to know those around us, and even ourselves, better. We think it’s a common thing to notice that our girl friends who bear different names and were born in different years […] More

  • 10 advantages of sleeping naked, no matter the weather

    It is true that most of us are used to go to bed wearing our fav pajamas on, not to mention that it seems like there is no other way out when the winter hits. But the truth is that no matter the season you better sleep naked. We are not joking here; the research […] More

  • The most natural way to attract a man

    Every woman is looking for a right man but the life is unfair sometimes, and more often than not we fail with our choice. After the unsuccessful relationship, it is only natural to start the search over again, but the thing is that everything matters when it comes to a perfect partner. Very often we […] More

  • This Simple DIY Bee-Waterer Will Help Hydrate Earth’s Pollinators

    Just imagine how hard a bee’s life is – they tend to thousands of flowers daily and beat their wings 10 000 times per minute in order to assist our food supply. Bees pollinate flowers and do an exhausting job and they need water to make it work. However, water’s not available everywhere, so finding […] More

  • What every Zodiac sign in the Chinese astrology can expect from 2018

    What will the year of a Dog bring to our life? Astrologers describe it as a wise, fair, reasonable Mistress of the Year. This sounds optimistic, because it gives hope for positive changes, for the new opportunities, for achieving successes in all understandable ways, for increasing truth and decency in our world. However, some people […] More

  • Scientists Confirm – Manuka Honey Can Kill MRSA And Other Superbugs!

    The benefits of raw honey are known all over the world. However, one special type of Australian honey is far more beneficial than any other and can kill any bacteria or germ tested on it. Manuka honey is a rare type of honey that comes from Australia and New Zealand and according to studies, it […] More

  • Women Born Under These Six Zodiac Signs Are Totally Irresistible to Men!

    The title might offend women whose sign doesn’t appear on the list below. In fact, every woman is beautiful, attractive and unique in her own way. Regardless of your zodiac sign, you may also have a magical magnetism in your personality, which attracts the opposite gender. In fact, every zodiac sign has its own beauty, […] More

  • Train Your Brain to Fall Asleep In 30 Seconds. Here’s How

    If you need around 15 minutes to fall asleep every night then you have lost more than 91 hours per one year. You are spending about 40 hour’s workweeks just lying down on a bed and waiting to fall asleep. On the other hand, if you fight insomnia, then you probably need more than 30 minutes […] More

  • Men who wash the dishes turn out to be the best lovers

    Nowadays taking care of the home is squarely on the shoulders of wives, despite the fact that many are working. Even a decade ago, most women were housewives, but nowadays most of them work as much as their spouses. Women who are trying to do both — household chores and working tasks — are very […] More

  • 8 tips for women to make their men desire them again

    It can be really difficult for a woman to realize that her husband has lost his desire for her. Low sexual desire stresses a marriage more than any other problem, as men often leave their wives for sexual reasons. However, it turns out that men can lose sexual interest in their partners for a lot […] More

  • The 4 things that prevent getting enough sleep

    Good sleep greatly improves the quality of life, while sleep disturbances undermine a person’s health. Some things do not allow us to get enough sleep, even if we do not realize it. The constant lack of sleep makes us feel broken and tired right after awakening. In addition, lack of sleep is one of the […] More