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  • Massive Study links Aspartame to Major Problems

    Diet soda as concerns about health epidemics plague the nation, demand and sales have plunged as consumers try to make better choices. Aspartame is most dangerous sweetener used in our food supply, causing seizures and a host of other health issues. In  one study was shown that women who drink two or more diet drinks […] More

  • Best Homemade Remedies For Removing Toenail Fungus!

    One of the most widespread infections nowadays is certainly the toenail fungi infection. It starts to appear as a white or yellow spot under the tip of the toenail. It looks completely safe, however with the deepening of the infection, the nail becomes very thick, yellow and starts to fall apart. If you leave it […] More

  • 7 Powerful Turmeric Recipes To Improve Your Health! Proven By 7,000 Studies!

    Nowadays, one of the most popular spices is definitely turmeric. More than 7,000 studies all around the world prove its effectiveness. It’s mainly used as a spice in the food, however here, we’re also going to offer you it’s most remarkable benefits. A legend claims that when Jesus was born, the 3 wise men who […] More

  • 10 Common Headache Types And Their Surprising Causes!

    Headaches can occur to practically anyone and everyone hates getting them. They can range from mild to severe, they can appear all over your entire head or simply radiate only from one side. Regardless of what they are, they are most certainly the worst. They can make the easiest tasks appear difficult and transform an […] More

  • Frankincense for the Mind, Body, and Soul

    Frankincense is a part of many religious and cultural ceremonies. It is made from resin from the Boswellia tree. This resin is then made into incense and oils and used as a relaxer. Also, some ancient texts claim that Frankincense has some mystical powers. As a result, many various spiritual practices around the world, still […] More

  • Eat Papaya Seeds To Detoxify Your Liver, Kidneys And Heal Your Digestive Tract!

    Papaya seeds are crunchy when you eat them. Their flavor is very strong and they taste something between mild peppercorns and mustard seeds. The whole papaya fruit is regarded as an anti-inflammatory agent rich in many health beneficial properties such as: reducing the blood glucose levels, preventing the development of cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, wound healing, […] More

  • 9 Ways to Treat Your Sore Throat Naturally!

    Water and salt If you want to alleviate a burning sensation or an irritation of your throat, you need to mix some salt and warm water and afterwards do a gargle with it. Do this a couple of times daily and the bacteria will be removed. Simply combine half a tablespoon of salt and one […] More

  • 5 Foods That Wreak Havoc On Your Liver!

    If your liver is not functioning as good as it is supposed to be, you might notice that you are bloated, sluggish, moody, and even hungrier more frequently. Junk foods, refined carbohydrates and large amounts of sugar can all cause the development of degenerative illnesses. Actually, the American Liver Foundation states that non-alcohol fatty liver […] More

  • How To Prevent And Treat Insect Bites Without Harsh Chemicals!

    Mosquitoes are perhaps the most irritating pests as their bite triggers redness and itching. In case you want to enjoy your summer and avoid the itching caused by a mosquito bite, make certain to try the methods given below as they are extremely efficient. Here is how: First of all, hold a spoon under hot […] More

  • Is It Bad To Drink Water That’s Been Sitting Overnight—Or Longer?

    You should never keep a glass of water on your night stand and drink it when you wake up at night because you are thirsty as it is definitely not healthy. Numerous unhealthy things exist that can occur if you keep a glass of water by your bed, like for instance a strange passing mosquito […] More

  • How To Treat The Flu: Natural Remedies And Prevention Tips!

    A lot of people are terrified of shots because of the swelling and pain that follows, however nonetheless, all the posters and slogans convince them to get vaccines against flu. This is all just one big manipulation because these flu vaccines are actually ineffective and harmful for people, as well as animals. A research that […] More

  • What Are the Reasons for Swollen Feet

    Swollen feet is one of the most common health problems in the world. Swollen feet or edema is manifested by discomfort, a feeling of heaviness and pain. Edema is defined as the overflow of the cells and intercellular space of the muscle tissue of the legs with liquid. Standing or sitting for long periods is […] More

  • 14 Signs Indicating On Mold Illness & How To Solve The Problem

    Millions of people are exposed to mold every day, and they do not even know it. Mold is a silent danger to our health. It can grow below floors, in food, and behind walls, and it can be a reason for illnesses as well as death. If you do not deal with the mold at […] More

  • Here’s How To Detox All Body Organs And Boost Your Immune System!

    Nowadays a lot of people are getting sick, no matter whether they are young or old, and suffer from serious illnesses such as chronic diseases, cancer and autoimmune conditions. These happens stress, hormones, parasites, viruses, bacteria, food, carbohydrates and sugars, pesticides, heavy metals, as well as the spiritual state can all change our genes, and […] More

  • 7 Bad Habits Which Cause Back Pain!

    A lot of people are suffering from back pain as a result of our sedentary and stressful everyday lifestyles. This is a condition that can be quite difficult and painful, and can restrict one’s movements. Therefore, if you want to prevent this from occurring, you should stop doing that. For instance, lower back pain is […] More

  • Relieve Heel Pain With These 10 Simple Natural Remedies!

    Having heel pains can obstruct your daily life. The pain you are feeling might be located in the area behind your heels, on the bottom, or your feet’s arches. Wearing flats is among the culprits of heel pains. In addition, injuries, fractures, compressed nerves, sprains, wearing improper shoes, obesity, can likewise be the cause of […] More