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  • Know The Foods That Favor Colon Cancer

    New research published in the journal JAMA Oncology reveals that there are certain foods that promote inflammation in the body and consequently increase the risk of Colon Cancer n , so experts warn to avoid as much as possible consumption. Experts classify these foods within a so-called inflammatory diet , which unfortunately, more and more […] More

  • What YES and What NOT To Eat With Hypothyroidism

    Much of the success in the treatment of hypothyroidism is the selection of foods; Choosing food for the thyroid is not complicated and making food for the thyroid should not be either. The thyroid is a gland located in the neck, its main function is to produce thyroid hormones that travel in the blood to […] More

  • Nopal and Exercise, Healthy Combination?

    The benefits of nopal are real, it is a food that due to its nutritional composition is considered a good food product. The nopal belongs to the group of fruits and vegetables, this means that it has nutrients such as fiber, vitamins , minerals and an important contribution of water, basic to hydration and improve […] More

  • Magnesium – The Most Important Mineral For Our Health?

    One of the main and most important minerals in the body is magnesium. The human body uses magnesium for a variety of functions – it helps our muscles contract and relax, keeps our blood vessels active, activates our muscles and nerves, creates energy, helps digest proteins and serves as the building block for RNA and […] More

  • According To Science, Eating Pizza Is Healthier Than Cereal? Really?

    If you run out in the morning and the only breakfast is a cereal dish, you should think twice now, since according to an investigation by the Chicago Tribune , eating a slice of pizza is much healthier than eating breakfast cereal . Have breakfast vs. pizza Have breakfast cereal According to nutritionist Chelsey Amer […] More

  • “Fashionable” Green Juices Damage The Kidneys

    From juices to cleanse the colon, green juices , smoothies to lose weight , green shakes to deflate the abdomen or green smoothies to lose weight fast, DETOX plans , all this is a product of misinformation and business. Most of the time, finding contents not only of miracle products but of miracle remedies, juices […] More

  • 3 Effective Natural Remedies Against Acid Reflux

    The gastroesophageal reflux disease or acid reflux is a problem that causes pain or the sensation of acidity in the chest cavity that connects the mouth with the stomach. You can decrease the quality of life but there are natural remedies against acid reflux that will make you feel good immediately. The acid reflux occurs […] More

  • This Is The Disease Caused By Eating a Lot of Meat

    The meat is necessary in the diet for good health, however, eat much meat can raise the level of uric acid , a chemical waste of the human body when not removed properly, can cause joint pain and diseases such as the drop . Eating a lot of meat causes gout High levels of uric […] More

  • 7 healthy foods for women over 40

    When we are young, we rarely care about what we eat, but as we grow older, that certainly changes. The thing is that young body needs less than the mature one. Especially it is true for women since they always want to look beautiful and young. That is why we have carried out research and […] More

  • How tea prolongs life expectancy

    Employees of the University of Descartes in Paris, participants of the International Cardiology Congress ESC, argue that tea reduces the risk of premature death by 24%. Such conclusions were made on the basis of seven-year studies (from 2001 to 2008). Drinking coffee and tea is an important component of the life of a modern person. […] More

  • How 15 Minutes Of Walking Per Day Can Change Your Body

    Doctors and health experts are constantly emphasizing the importance of regular exercise, as a great way to improve overall health and prevent all kinds of ailments and disease. Apparently, walking is one of the most beneficial activities you can practice, since only a 15-minutes daily walk can add 7 years to life, and lower the […] More

  • The signs and symptoms of arrhythmia

    You’ve probably felt that your heart pounds extremely fast, when you worry about the exams or get results of medical tests. But sometimes your heart may start to beat irregularly because of problems in its structure or functioning. Your heart beats to supply oxygen-rich blood and nutritive elements to every part of the body. It […] More

  • 12 healing properties of honey

    It is true that not everyone is a huge fan of this tasty substance called honey, but no one can disagree with the fact that it is extremely useful and effective when it comes to health. These days, people started using honey for almost anything, and they have a reason for that. The thing is […] More

  • Things not to discuss with a man

    What topics do men prefer not to mention in their conversation with ladies? The article lists simple rules for communicating with a man. Women are very fond of talking. Especially with men. However, if it is absolutely frank, sometimes it is better to stop in this beautiful occupation. How to understand when it is better […] More

  • The most kind signs of the Zodiac

    Good deals make people closer. In the end, it always defeats evil, but this feeling is given equally easily not to all Zodiac Signs. We all know well that our character is influenced by the zodiacal constellation, under which we were born. Although we are all different people and a lot also depends on our […] More

  • Take Your Daily ACV Shot as a Gummy!

    One of the most versatile natural remedies is the Apple cider vinegar. The benefits from the ACV are numerous and it’s used in many different fields. It helps digestion, lowers the risk of heart issues, and regulates blood sugar. Here are some of its health benefits: Improves gut health Treats warts Soothes sunburns Soothes poison […] More

  • How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

    On average people sleep between 7-9 hours a night, this means that people spend about 25 years in life sleeping. Proper sleep is of extreme importance for our overall health. While we sleep the body revitalize and restore the lost energy. Despite the duration, it is also important in which position we sleep as it […] More