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Earwax: Causes, Symptoms, And Home Remedies For Removal!

Earwax in fact represents an important and natural part of the body’s defense mechanisms. It is accountable for protecting your ear canal due to the fact that it can trap the dirt and slow down the development of bacteria. It is not known why particular people experience earwax blockage or what the reason is for the appearance of earwax blockage in just one ear.

Earwax blockage happens when earwax, or likewise known as cerumen, gets built-up in the ear, or it becomes too hard to remove it naturally. In the case of the majority of people, small quantities of earwax can make their way towards the opening of the ear on a regular basis, where it gets washed away or falls out, and a new wax is afterwards produced that is going to replace it.

In case you are secreting an excessive amount of wax or if the earwax isn’t properly cleared, it can accumulate, thus blocking the ear canal.

In addition, blockages triggered by earwax often happen when people clean their ears by themselves by using cotton swabs or putting other items in their ears. This in fact just pushes the wax deeper into the ear, instead of eliminating it. You should keep in mind that people, who frequently use ear plugs or hearing aids, are more susceptible to earwax blockage.

Symptoms Of Earwax Blockage

  • Earache
  • Feeling of fullness in the afflicted ear
  • Tinnitus, or ear sound
  • Decreased hearing in the afflicted ear

Homemade Remedies For Removing Earwax

In continuance we have provided you with a list of several solutions that are going to help you remove the earwax in a safe manner and in the comfort of your home.

#1. Saline Solution

Combine one teaspoon of salt with around ½ a cup of warm water and keep mixing it till it is completely dissolved. Afterwards, soak a cotton ball in the resulting solution. Squeeze a few drops into your ear while tilting your head slightly upwards.

Remain in this position for a couple of minutes so that the salted water gets into the ear in an effective manner. After that, by tilting your head in the opposite direction, drain the remaining solution from the ear.

#2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Prepare a solution of equal parts of water and water hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is not supposed to be above 3 percent as it may be harmful. Squeeze a couple of drops into your ear while tilting your head sideways. Remain in this position for a couple of minutes in order for it to settle down in the ear. After that, by tilting your head in the opposite direction, drain the remaining solution from the ear.

#3. Mineral Oil/ Baby Oil

You can soften the ear by applying a few drops of baby oil or mineral oil in your ear with the use of a dropper. Let the oil settle down for a couple of minutes by applying a cotton ball at the ear’s opening.

This is going to prevent the oil from draining out before it reaches the earwax. Adjust and fix the cotton ball after a couple of minutes so that it drains out the excessive amount of oil from the ear. Oil can aid the softening of the afflicted earwax, while simultaneously helping remove the earwax.

#4. Rubbing Alcohol And Vinegar Solution

Pour equivalent amounts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in a cup or a bowl, and mix them. Add a few drops in your ear blocked with earwax.

#5. Olive Oil

One of the optimum solutions for removing earwax is olive oil because it can soften the earwax, thus making it easier for it to be removed from the ear. Simply apply 2 or 3 drops of olive oil in the ear blocked by earwax prior to going to sleep. Do this treatment for a period of three to four subsequent days.

#6. Warm Water

Apply a bit of clean warm water in the afflicted ear. Leave it to settle down for a few seconds. Afterwards, simply drain it out.

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