Avoid These Monsanto Owned Companies If You Want To Be Healthy!

In this article we are going to show you a list of companies that are owned by Monsanto and it is better to avoid them if you are concerned about your health.

And there are several reasons for this. The 2 top reasons about why you should stay away from these companies is their corruption of the U.S. government and participation in the production of GMO.

One of the recent schemes that they pulled off was to ensure the passing of the “Monsanto Protection Act” which actually prevented courts from prosecuting Monsanto over GMO-related health problems and was presumably written by the company itself. Despite the fact that it was in effect for only six months, there are similar that have been signed into law that actually protect the companies instead of the customers.

A lot of studies have proven that GMO can damage the human health. And yet these companies still exist. The number of Americans with chronic diseases is constantly increasing as a result of the mass production of GMOs. Animals that are fed only with GMO food develop organ damage, accelerated aging, gastrointestinal and immune system conditions, and infertility. GMOs also show to cross-pollinate and last forever, which means that the number of non-GMO products is decreasing and could destroy the health of the future human generations.

Although not all of the products below include GMOs, the goal of this product boycott is to lower the earnings of Monsanto in order to show them that the customers are rejecting their products and the way in which they are produces, and that we will not support their corruption or pollution.

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