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These Natural Remedies Helped This 70-Year-Old Man to Beat His Late Stage Colon Cancer!

It is fact that colon cancer is the third type of cancer that is most common and it affects both men and women, and it is also the second deadliest cancer in the USA.

Actually, it is known that half of the colon cancer patients officially die from the disease.

According to statistics, the death toll for colon cancer reached 70% in 2011. The most common methods for colon treatment are surgery, i.e., the colon removal and the patients have an external colostomy bag that they wear for the rest of their lives. The other method is chemotherapy that has terrible side effects.

Thanks to the advanced medicine, that is a clinic for cancer treatment using only natural therapy. The patients are actually practitioners who are discovering natural cancer remedies and therapies. In addition, one of these patients is Chris Wark. According to his website “Chris Beat Cancer”, he reveals the secret how he succeeded in his fight against cancer by using only treatments and remedies on a natural basis.

Furthermore, he refused the traditional method for curing cancer – chemotherapy, because he was convinced that it will have only side effects on his organism. This man start consuming curative natural diet prescribed by his naturopathic doctor and beat the colon cancer.

On the other hand, John Tanzi was another man who was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer only few days before his 70th birthday.

According to doctors, without the chemotherapy treatment his life would last at least two to six months. Beside that, after having seen how this treatment acts on other colon cancer patients and how they actually die in unbearable pain, he made a decision to refuse the chemotherapy.

He made a few researches about his disease and decided to live his final months without any unbearable treatments or pain.

He consulted a natural doctor and was advised to change his diet, i.e., first of all, he should exclude all meats, refined sugar and dairy products from his diet. The name of this healthy diet is “Cancer Diet”. He realized that he feels better and tried a capsule gel form of the original four-herb Essiac tea. Make sure that the gel you are purchasing online is a legitimate product.

He consumed the tea gel capsules along with gel capsules that contain with beta-1, 3-glucan on a daily basis.

In Japan, these capsules are used as a cancer therapy in order to improve patients’ immune system, because they contain beta-glucan. In addition, they can be found in a form of lentinan in shiitake mushrooms. It is an excellent extract that has anti-tumour properties and it is able to lower the tumour and to reduce the cancer symptoms.

To sum up, this article was just one example how the remedies and treatments on a natural basis helped this patient to beat his cancer. Moreover, this man recommends that every person should make his/her own decision how to treat the cancer on the basis of their own experience and health.

John succeeded in his fight against cancer and thanks to that he has a facebook page “Holistic Cancer and Health Chat Room”. His followers can ask him about the natural cancer treatment. On his facebook page, there are also reliable websites that sell natural cancer remedies.

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