She Covers Her Ironing Board With Tin Foil! The Reason? Brilliant!

Okay, let’s be honest—no one actually likes to iron!

Nonetheless, ironing is inevitable because our clothes get wrinkled frequently when we get them out of the washing machine. Ironing is a task that can at times be dull and take a lot of your time, however, today is your lucky day as we are going present you with a simple technique that is going to aid you iron your clothes in a quick and easy manner.

You read it right. Ironing your clothing has never been this easy.

The technique are going to demonstrate you in this articles requires the use of aluminum foil. We all know that aluminum foil is very useful when it comes to wrapping and storing leftovers, however tha tis not the only thing that it is good for.

Exactly like vinegar, it can be used for cleaning lenses or Windex can be used for cleaning pans. There are likewise numerous other alternatives of usage of this foil. And the one we are about to show you is going to entirely change the manner in which you iron your clothing.

Brenda, or known as the “Ironing Board Queen” was on Dr. Oz’s show in order to demonstrate the viewers how they can save a lot of time when it comes to ironing clothes. All you have to do is take off the fabric cover on the ironing board. After that, put a long sheet of aluminum foil over the ironing board, and put the fabric cover back on top of it. This enables heat reflection, so you are going to iron the wrinkles on both sides of your clothes at the same time.

This technique is going to help iron your clothes in a professional manner and it is quite a simple one also. It accelerates the process of ironing and facilitates the smoothing out of any persistent wrinkles. Simple some aluminum foil under the ironing board and make the clothes heat more rapidly and straighten out the wrinkles more effectively.

Give this helpful method a try and your clothes are going to look like new.


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